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  1. caballo

    New Sound System

    These CDT braxial speakers sound great. very meaty and have an excellent mid range. Very pleased with the sound. Currently bridged, may add a sub later down the line Bought refurbished cheaply still hasn't let me down
  2. caballo

    Is this an r154 or w58

    Just need to know if this is a r154 or w58
  3. caballo

    New Tires

    Need some new tires for my 91 supra turbo. Thinking of going with the Yokohama ADVAN Sport Run Flat...
  4. caballo

    Tweeter position for a 91

    Do the stock speaker pods for a 91 have mounts for a tweeter? I am thinking of buying this really nice set of tweeters but I am not sure where I will mount the tweeters. I am trying to keep this install as clean looking possible. My car is in the shop so I cant really take a look...
  5. caballo

    Having a tough time finding a thread

    About a year ago on this website I saw a supra build up thread. It was this black supra if I remember correctly. The owner ditched the 7m and I think dropped in a Nissan 300zx motor. Does anyone remember this thread? I want to see if there was any progress done to the car.
  6. caballo

    Visible smoke coming from turbocharger

    Hey everybody, how is going? I have some quick questions here.. I was driving normally on the freeway at speeds of 65 mph the other day. Turbo pulled fine and such. Anyway, about 10 minutes later while I was still on the freeway the engine misfired( I don't know if that is what the term is...
  7. caballo

    Got handed by a Hemi Dodge Charger.

    I had just finished doing an oil change for my 91 bone stock turbo when I decided to hit the gym. Car seemed smoother now that it was using 0w-30 Castrol oil.. Anyway after a good long workout I left the gym. When I got in my car I decided to drive sans the targa top, had the instrument panel...
  8. caballo

    Head replaced and reassembled engine at Toyota dealer some 10 years ago

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1991 turbo supra. The previous owner kept all maintenance paper work and service records. All the documents were transferred to me. Today, I was looking through the paperwork and found a $2,500 bill for a head gasket replacement procedure at a Toyota dealer in...
  9. caballo

    Jovino's 1991 Toyota Supra

    Hello, supramania. I just drove home my new supra: A 1991 Turbo with 106,000 miles. The only plans I have for the car is to change the radiator cap, thermostat, coolant and oil because on the drive back home the temperature gauge was skyrocketing to high and then it would return to normal. It...
  10. caballo

    Taking some preventative measures..

    I am in the process of configuring a speaker setup for a 1991 Supra that I am about to purchase. I found what looks like a good pair of speakers that have a depth of 2-1/4". Anyone know if these speakers will fit? I don't know how much depth the front speaker pods can accept. Thanks
  11. caballo

    DP Diaphragm and VTV Confusion

    I noticed that my DP Diaphragm is missing a hose. I know its suppose to connect to the VTV, but i cant find any damn nipple to attach it to. After studying this diagram, I realized that the end of the VTV doesn't lead...
  12. caballo

    Cannot reinstall power steering pump. New problems added

    I am in the process of changing the power steering belt. I removed the top tension bolt. I may have made the mistake of removing the pivot bolt completely instead of just loosing it. Having said that, I removed the old belt and placed the new one but now I cant fit the pivot bolt through the...
  13. caballo

    Really indecisive

    I have an 89 na salvaged supra. Fender and hood were replaced. Car has minor imperfections that annoy me. The engine needs work. Idk if I should fix the engine and sell the car or just part it out. Any input?
  14. caballo

    Stock Stripes? The stripes look pretty cool, but are they stock?
  15. caballo

    Help removing power steering belt

    Well, im following this set of directions all for the purposes of setting up the timing. But im having problems in step 6. I cant seem to find the bolts needed to loosen the power steering pump. Im not really understanding this...
  16. caballo

    First tool set

    Even though i have gone through 2 7mge's, i have never done any work on my car. I always relied on a mechanic. But now that i am taking an auto mechanics course i feel like i can actually do something about my 7mge. But, i need a tool set. Any body have any suggestions on a decent beginners tool...
  17. caballo

    Off road places

    Anyone know of a place were i can off road near los angeles? Preferably near a river, creek, or anything around nature. thanks
  18. caballo

    Odd nioses and rough idling

    About a week ago i was driving around. Car sounded great, oil pressure was normal until i do numerous hard pulls while entering a freeway. I shifted around the 5500 rpm mark and later noticed the oil pressure gauge lower than usual. I didn't think much of it so i continued driving to my...
  19. caballo

    Yokohama s drive

    I bought some new tires 2 days ago and am extremely satisfied with the quality that i decided to take some pictures for you guys to see. :icon_bigg My rims are badly oxidized, any tips on how to remove it?
  20. caballo

    Some before and after pics...

    I paid 1200 to have it repaired. Im not too fond on how the bumper nose came out looking. :nono: Anyone think i got ripped off? I sure miss the look of my supra before the crash :cry: