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  1. caballo

    The diamond in the rough. 1991 blue metallic turbo targa restoration

    what color are you going to paint the car?
  2. caballo

    New Sound System

    These CDT braxial speakers sound great. very meaty and have an excellent mid range. Very pleased with the sound. Currently bridged, may add a sub later down the line Bought refurbished cheaply still hasn't let me down
  3. caballo

    The diamond in the rough. 1991 blue metallic turbo targa restoration

    I have a 91 turbo same paint color as yours with a really faded top. I want to spray paint the top as well. What brand of paint did you go with?
  4. caballo

    The diamond in the rough. 1991 blue metallic turbo targa restoration

    Good job painting the targa. Maybe if you paint the rest of the top part of the car it will blend in with the rest of the paint.
  5. caballo

    Is this an r154 or w58

    Just need to know if this is a r154 or w58
  6. caballo

    New Tires

    I appreciate all the help. I learned something today about run flats lol
  7. caballo

    New Tires

    Need some new tires for my 91 supra turbo. Thinking of going with the Yokohama ADVAN Sport Run Flat...
  8. caballo

    Tweeter position for a 91

    Good thing I haven't bought the little bracket mount yet.
  9. caballo

    Tweeter position for a 91

    Thanks for the help fellas. After searching the webs for hours I found these little brackets that will mount the tweeter right on the speaker.
  10. caballo

    Tweeter position for a 91

    Do the stock speaker pods for a 91 have mounts for a tweeter? I am thinking of buying this really nice set of tweeters but I am not sure where I will mount the tweeters. I am trying to keep this install as clean looking possible. My car is in the shop so I cant really take a look...
  11. caballo

    New to SM. Old Supra owner.

    Which brand of tires are those? Nice car btw I really like how you painted some parts on the engine bay
  12. caballo

    Having a tough time finding a thread

    About a year ago on this website I saw a supra build up thread. It was this black supra if I remember correctly. The owner ditched the 7m and I think dropped in a Nissan 300zx motor. Does anyone remember this thread? I want to see if there was any progress done to the car.
  13. caballo

    Speaker box carpet

    Cant wait to see the finished product.
  14. caballo

    New Castrol Edge

    Does the German Castrol really contain 20% synthetic oil, jdub?
  15. caballo

    Jovino's 1991 Toyota Supra

    Being my first turbo supra, I guess I got a little to over excited and pushed the engine to its limits. I am really disappointed to have blown the gasket. The engine was re assembled by Toyota some 20,000 miles ago.. I am not sure whether to go 2jz or to rebuild the 7m.. Guess I'll first have...
  16. caballo

    Jovino's 1991 Toyota Supra

    A small update.. Some lousy pictures were taken with by my phone. Here they are: I had the car sit for a month because it overheated. I started her up this morning, engine did not sound normal. I checked the oil the oil to find this: I wasn't expecting this.. I have known that a...
  17. caballo

    Visible smoke coming from turbocharger

    Hey everybody, how is going? I have some quick questions here.. I was driving normally on the freeway at speeds of 65 mph the other day. Turbo pulled fine and such. Anyway, about 10 minutes later while I was still on the freeway the engine misfired( I don't know if that is what the term is...
  18. caballo

    Got handed by a Hemi Dodge Charger.

    Half of the gauges bulbs don't work anymore. So I figured I might as well have them all turned off until I have new bulbs installed. btw I occasionally flash a flash light to see how the temp gauge is doing lol
  19. caballo

    Got handed by a Hemi Dodge Charger.

    A Charger.