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Thread: Supra Head Flow (5M,7M,1JZ,2JZGE,2JZGTE)

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    Default Re: Supra Head Flow (5M,7M,1JZ,2JZGE,2JZGTE)

    this only referring to port flow, what about advantages on 1.5JZ because of combustion chamber shape/size?

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    Default Re: Supra Head Flow (5M,7M,1JZ,2JZGE,2JZGTE)

    Fantastic post and effort! I came across this thread while searching google.

    I have the head off my IS as I'm swapping it over to a GTE block, and I noticed that the exhaust ports are quite different on cylinders 1,2, and 3 (cylinders 4,5,6 look like matched pair to cylinders 1,2,3). With the manifold off, and looking straight into the exhaust port of cylinders 1 all you see is one exhaust valve that has a short run right to the exit....while the other exhaust valve is around the bend and partly swipes across the other valve on it's way out. The air has to travel further and it looks like it causes some turbulence on its way out (based on pattern of build up in the port). Cylinders 2 and 5 are more centered, cylinders 3 and 6 look like a mild version of the problem in cylinders 1,4. I wasn't planning to port the head while it's off, but I'm feeling like I should try to match each cylinder better.

    Sooo, I was wondering if flow data existed for cylinders 1-3 on the exhaust side of a 2JZ-GE head, or even the GTE head. It seems difficult to believe they would all flow the same. Also, I recall Larry Windermere (Endyn) stated that even the GTE head was a challenge to get all ports to flow the same.


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    Default Re: Supra Head Flow (5M,7M,1JZ,2JZGE,2JZGTE)

    1jz was the best designed head for a starting point so of course the 2j will flow better it has the blue print of 1jz design. as i'm a beast athlete my son will be better..
    1jz is the father to the 2jz. So honor thy father!!


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