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Thread: Alberta Supra Owners Club

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    Default Alberta Supra Owners Club

    For any Supra owners in Alberta, feel free to stop by the Alberta Supra Owners Club forum, it's relatively active for such a small userbase.


    (Not affiliated with the Alberta Supra Owners Club )

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    Default Re: Alberta Supra Owners Club

    I didn;t know where else to put this, but I'm an active poster on the alberta supra club and the admin got_boost has scammed and deleted every post that I've tried to bring attention to the community. I paid 100$ via debit with online banking to him after he sent me emails showing me a TRD shifter. i've tried to contact through the forum and via email and still no reply. I asked a moderator and he vouched for the guy but said he'd look into it and I got no reply. I really wanna bring this to everyones attention incase it happens to anyone else. basically I posted looking for a shifter knob and then he said he had one. closed the threat shortly after he started emailing me and 8 months later it never shows up and there is no more contact and every time I bring it up it's hidden or removed. I don't know if this happened to any other members but its really fishy and I seen a got_boost was banned on another forum as well. I believe his name is Mike Nikolai as thats what his email came in as.
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