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Thread: Oil Brand and Type - Post Em Up

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    Default Oil Brand and Type - Post Em Up

    Hi Guys,

    Did a search for this but I'm after what us aussies specifically use as far as oils go with the 7MGTE.

    Read a few things from our resident oil guy and he recommends 0W30.

    I have been running last 2.5years the following:

    Mobile 1 Full Synthetic 5W50 (Although reading on here, it's apparently BaseIII Stock and not a true synthetic...)

    What are you others running? (As we live in a particularly hotter country than the USofA )

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    Default Re: Oil Brand and Type - Post Em Up

    look in the lube section, it's german castrol that's usually recommended. over in the states it's sold as castrol syntec european formula, 0w30. if you look on the back of the bottle it'll say "made in germany." i've had great results switching over to this.


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