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Thread: Wiring Harness Terminals

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    Default Re: Wiring Harness Terminals

    Quote Originally Posted by Another MkIII View Post
    Was it ever determined what terminals are used in the three yellow plugs on the ECU side of the harness? I need to rebuild a patch harness and this is the part that is holding me up.
    Actually wouldn't mind knowing this myself...no one really has a source for them and they seem to only offer patch harnesses where you need to solder each wire.

    Finally delving into this myself:

    The ECU uses pulse-lock connectors (made by AMP/Tyco):
    Cap Connector for Board Mount
    The housing is preloaded with tab contacts with right-angle posts. It is soldered onto the PC Board and mates with the plug connector. The cap connector includes a 24-position connector for signal circuits, a 30-position connector for power circuits (accepts a 12-position and a 18-position plug connector), and a 42-position connector for intermixed signal and power circuits (accepts a 14-position and a 18-position plug connector for signal circuits and a 10-position plug connector for power circuits), and a 52-position connector (accepts a 18-position and a 24-position plug connector for signal circuits and a 10-position plug connector for power circuits).
    Header panel connector:
    Part #: 1-172319-7

    10 pin connector:
    Part #: 172315-7

    18 pin connector:
    Part #: 172316-7

    24 pin connector:
    Part #: 172317-7

    pin possiblities:

    172771-2 (gold plated, 22-20 awg, loose)
    172772-2 (gold plated, 20-16 awg, loose)
    170352-1 (tin plated, 22-20 awg, strip)
    170352-2 (gold plated, 22-20 awg, strip)
    170353-1 (tin plated, 20-16 awg, strip)

    All the 3D pdfs look the damn same, I'll have to call them and ask if there is or isn't a difference in fitment. If they're all the same fitment wise then its just the size/plating/how they are shipped that determines the part # and I couldn't care less.

    (edit for above: All are the same, however the 170352 part numbers are the current part numbers and should be used.)

    New united race tech has the contacts and housings available right now. Mouser occasionally has the housings in stock (for MUCH cheaper, min order is 1 as well) but the min order on the contacts is 9400.



    Other stupid connectors that aren't the generic sumitomo MT/ST whatever connectors:

    Don't know what this is for but its on the harness. Part of Sumitomo's '250' (6.0 mm) line of connectors and terminals.

    4 pin version of the one above, again part of the 250 (6.0 mm) line of stuff.
    Can't find a source of this one yet.

    Another part of the 250 (6.0 mm) line. Almost positive this is for the noise filter, although I'm lazy and don't want to walk downstairs at this very moment and double check on my harness to make sure this is the exact part. From memory it looks pretty close though.
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    Default Re: Wiring Harness Terminals

    Looks like the above info is working out in my favor (although still haven't found a decent source for the ECU terminals).

    The other two are on back order and I'm not sure when they'll be shipped.

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    Default Re: Wiring Harness Terminals

    Does anyone know the part number for the knock sensor connector?

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    Default Re: Wiring Harness Terminals

    Heyy guys. I joined finally just because i have been trying to figure this terminal crap out on my build. Has anyone figured out the right terminals for the connectors on the inputs, and outputs for the 2jz harness?

    i just received my trial order which i attempted to cross reference part numbers, and i think i have the right connector terminals. they slid right into my new cam sensor connector housing. Im excited so far, i can post pics and info tonight if you guys will find it of any value.

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    Default Re: Wiring Harness Terminals

    Does one know which one is for the ecu temp sensor on the water neck?


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