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Thread: 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

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    Default 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

    Found this on another site and thought it would be a good resource to have... There are two different lists with mostly the same parts (first list in black font and second list in blue).

    Accessories Front End Mask 00218-14930
    Accessories Wheel Locks 00276-14930
    Accessories Floor Mats BLACK/Ivory Logo 00200-14930-08
    Accessories Floor Mats Blk/Silver Logo 00200-14930-13
    Accessories Floor Mats Blk/SE Logo 00200-14950-01
    Accessories Carpet Clips, Pack of 2 00208-00801
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel Center Upper 55410-14530
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel lh dash, Left Side 55404-14570
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel Speedo Bezel 55420-14060
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel Radio/HVAC Panel 55405-14170
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel 6spd Shift Bezel 58804-14100
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel ATM Shift Bezel 58804-14110
    Accessories 97/98 Dash Instrument Panel Bezel lh Door Switch Bezel. Left 74232-14121
    Accessories Driver & Passenger Visors w/ Black Cloth / Black Cloth That Goes Above it (The One Around The Dome L 74310-14640-CO, 74320-14700-C0, 63310-14690-C0
    Accessories Driver Side Moldings On A pillar & Targa 62220-14090-C0, 63218-14020-C0
    Accessories Black Carpet, Floor 58510-1B171-C0
    Accessories Front Left Defroster Vent 55961-14090-C0
    Accessories Aluminum gauge bezels 08172-14020
    Accessories Mud Guards Front 76621-19255
    Accessories Mud Guards Front 76622-19255
    Body Glass Headlights (RIGHT) 81130-1B220
    Body Glass Headlights (LEFT) 81170-1B220
    Body Center Caps 97-98 42603-14350
    Body Euro Hood scoop 76181-14900
    Body Euro Hood scoop guide, hood air intake 76182-14010
    Body Euro Hood scoop protector hood scoop, No. 1 76183-14010
    Body Euro Hood scoop protector hood scoop, No. 2 76184-14010
    Body Euro Hood scoop retainer,hood air intake(2) 76187-14010
    Body Euro Hood scoop plate,hood scoop 76192-14010
    Body Euro Hood scoop screws (8) 93567-14512
    Body Euro Hood scoop nuts (4) 90179-06058
    Body Euro Hood scoop seal,hood air intake 76186-14010
    Body 96 passenger side rear view mirror, non heated 87910-1B131-C0
    Body Fuel Door with hinge 77350-14081
    Body Weather/strip Under Hood 53383-14120
    Body cowl pane{blk plastic] between the windsheild and the hood 55708-14030
    Body wheel well splash sheilds 53875-14190 rh liner, 53876-14190 lh liner
    Body Hatch Stay w/spoiler (RIGHT) 68950-19895
    Body Hatch Stay w/spoiler (LEFT) 68960-19585
    Body Hatch rubber stopper [stops the squeak] 67293-14051
    Body Hatch rubber stopper screws (2 each) 90159-50116
    Body targa roof 63201-14060
    Body targa mld rh 63217-14030-C0
    Body targa mld lh 63218-14020-C0
    Body targa w/strip rh 62383-14030
    Body targa w/strip lh 62384-14030
    Body targa headliner 63312-14050-C0
    Body targa bolts frt 90901-09004
    Body targa bolt /brkt rear rh [2pc brkt w/bolt] 63240-14090
    Body targa bolt/ brkt rear lh [2pc brkt w/bolt] 63240-14060
    Body targa ctr.lock assy 63203-14100
    Body HELICOIL KIT FOR TARGA BOLTS 5546.6 [6mm x 1.0]
    Body turbo spoiler rear 76085-14909
    Body frt glass mld 75533-14190
    Body back glass mld 75573-14210
    Body floor carpet [ stick/ivory] 58510-1B171-A0
    Body floor carpet [stick/black] 58510-1B171-C0
    Body floor carpet [auto/ivory] 58510-1B181-A0
    Body floor carpet [auto/black] 58510-1B181-C0
    Body rear lisc.plate nuts 52121-24020
    Body tonneau cover trunk 64910-14060-C0
    Body power antenna 86300-14411
    Body power antenna mast only [chrome only] 86337-14411
    Body ash tray [93.5-96] 74102-14130
    Body ash tray [97-98] 74102-14140
    Body Front Lip Spoiler 76851-14060
    Body Hood 53301-14340
    Body Front Bumper Cover 52119-14921
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota 3rd stop lamp 81570-14060
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota 3rd stop lamp 81570-14061
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota head lamp lh 81151-18241
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota head lamp rh 81111-18241
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota tail lamp lh 81561-14700
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota tail lamp rh 81551-14700
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s lamp frt rh 81510-80086
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s lamp frt lh 81520-80086
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s frt harness 81515-14390
    Bulbs & Lights Toyota turn signal/hazzard flasher 81980-12070
    Bulbs & Lights Low Beam Headlamp 9006
    Bulbs & Lights High Beam Headlamp 9005
    Bulbs & Lights Parking Light 168
    Bulbs & Lights Front Turn Signal 1156
    Bulbs & Lights Rear Turn Signal 1156
    Bulbs & Lights Tail Light 1157
    Bulbs & Lights Stop Light 1157
    Bulbs & Lights Fog/Driving Light H3-55w
    Bulbs & Lights License Plate 168
    Bulbs & Lights Backup Light 1156
    Bulbs & Lights Front Side Marker 194
    Bulbs & Lights Rear Side Marker 194
    Bulbs & Lights Glove Box 37, 74
    Bulbs & Lights Trunk/Cargo DE3022, 194
    Bulbs & Lights Instrument/General 74, 194
    Bulbs & Lights HVAC Cluster Bulbs - Toyota 84999-70009
    Bulbs & Lights Map Light - Toyota 90981-12005
    Bulbs & Lights Trunk Light (93.5-96) 90981-11021
    Bulbs & Lights Trunk Light (97-98) - Toyota 00234-13050
    Bulbs & Lights Ash Tray Bulb - Toyota 90981-11018
    Bulbs & Lights Ign Cylinder - Toyota 90981-11014
    Bulbs & Lights Main Dash Cluster (large bulb green cap) 83109-24020
    Drivetrain Getrag 6spd tranny 33030-0W212
    Drivetrain Silicone Trans Sealer 00295-01281
    Drivetrain atm screen filter 35330-30011
    Drivetrain atm screen filter 35330-50010
    Drivetrain drive shaft 37100-14810
    Drivetrain Drive Shaft 37100-14820
    Drivetrain Rear Diff. Pinion Seal 90311-50018
    Drivetrain rear diff pinion seal 90311-44005
    Drivetrain rear diff axle seals 90311-45013
    Drivetrain rear diff axle seals 90311-47008
    Drivetrain output shaft seal 90080-31029
    Drivetrain shift rod case seal 90080-31032
    Drivetrain Auto Tranny spacer,drive plate 32116-22020
    Drivetrain 6spd Tranny seal input shaft 90080-31031
    Drivetrain Trans Mount TT 6spd 12371-46110
    Drivetrain Trans Mount TT Auto 12371-46120
    Drivetrain 6spd Differential 41110-14780
    Electrical Main Engine Harness 82121-14880
    Electrical Optima Orange Top 800-R
    Electrical Optima Orange Top 34R-1050
    Electrical Ignition Coil Packs 90915-02205
    Electrical Ignition Coil Pack Connectors (plastic) 90980-11246
    Electrical EGR Resistor - Radio Shack 271-1126
    Electrical VDO Boost Gauge 2-1/16" VDO-150121D
    Electrical Ignitions Coil (NA 93.5-97) 90919-02207
    Electrical Ignition Coil (NA 98) 90919-02216
    Electrical Battery - Car 00544-24F60-575 group 24F
    Electrical Keyless entry remote (non-toyota part) ECR2025
    Electrical Keyless Entry Harness Kit 08586-14830
    Electrical Keyless Entry ECU Kit (96-98 only) 8585.00921
    Electrical Starter, Reman. 28100-46140-84
    Emblems gold NA kit 00211-14950
    Emblems gold TT kit 00211-14970
    Emblems gold SE kit 00211-14954
    Emblems gold SE logo only 00211-14953
    Emblems gold ctr cap logo 00211-00951
    Emblems gold ant. nut 00577-35950
    Emblems gold "logo"frt 00211-14956
    Emblems gold "toyota" 00211-14951
    Emblems gold "supra" 00211-14952
    Emblems gold "logo"rear 00211-14957
    Emblems 15th anniv.logos 00211-14971-01 blk
    Emblems 15th anniv.logos 00211-14971-28 silver
    Emblems SE side stripes rh 00211-4R951
    Emblems SE side stripes lh 00211-4L951
    Emblems turbologo 00016-23940
    Emblems frt cover "logo" grey 75314-14010
    Emblems tailgate "toyota"grey 75441-14190
    Emblems tailgate "logo" grey 75471-14010
    Emblems tailgate "supra" grey 75442-14280
    Emblems tailgate "supra turbo" grey 75443-14180
    Emblems trd 3pack logo 00602-42601-EMB
    Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Mod union bolt 90401-19008
    Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Mod gasket 90430-20016
    Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Mod o ring 90301-68005
    Engine Exhaust lock nuts 90179-08059
    Engine Exhaust lock nuts 90179-10070
    Engine Exhaust bolts 90105-10023
    Engine Exhaust nuts 94180-41000
    Engine Exhaust studs 90179-10070
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims thinnest 13753-74010 2.50
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74030 2.55
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74050 2.60
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74070 2.65
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74090 2.70
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74110 2.75
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74130 2.80
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims size range 13753-74150 2.85
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74170 2.90
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74190 2.95
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74210 3.00
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74230 3.05
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74250 3.10
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74270 3.15
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74290 3.20
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims 13753-74310 3.25
    Engine Valve Adjusting Shims thickest 13753-74330 3.30
    Engine top/front part of the stock airbox with hinge 17505-46100
    Engine Bracket (under hood, holds cable over cam cover 78183-14030
    Engine Gasket overhaul set 04111-46094
    Engine Piston oil squirters TT 15790-88401
    Engine power steering pump 44320-14250
    Engine Main Engine Harness 82121-14880
    Engine Oxygen Sensor Stock Front 89465-19605
    Engine Oil Filter Stock Supra Turbo 08922-02011
    Engine Oil Filter Lexus V8 90915-20004
    Engine K&N Crankcase Vent Breather 62-1000
    Engine K&N IAC Breather 62-1360
    Engine Air Filter Stock 17801-07020
    Engine Fuel Filter - stock 23300-49195
    Engine Ford Powerstroke T4 turbo gasket (divided housing) F4TZ6N640B
    Engine Oil Filter - us made 08922-02011
    Engine Oil Filter - jap made 90915-20004
    Engine PCV Valve - TT 12204-46020
    Engine PCV Valve - NA 12204-46030
    Engine PCV Grommet 90480-18001
    Engine Spark Plugs TT ND Platinum 90919-01178
    Engine Spark Plugs TT ND iridium 90919-01210
    Engine Spark Plugs NA ND iridium 90919-01196
    Engine NGK Spark Plugs 3330 or 6097
    Engine Dist. Cap (NA) 19101-70020
    Engine Dist. Rotor (NA) 19102-46011
    Engine Spark Plug Wires (NA) 90919-21521
    Engine Drive Belt - serpentine 90916-02310
    Engine Drive Belt tensioner (TT 6spd) 16620-46070
    Engine Drive Belt tensioner (NA - TT Auto) 16620-0W025
    Engine Timing Belt 13568-49036
    Engine Cam Seals 90311-40020
    Engine Crank Seal 90311-46001
    Engine Rear Main Seal 90311-90006
    Engine V/C Gasket Intake 11213-46020
    Engine V/C Gasket Exhaust 11214-46011
    Engine V/C Gasket Exhaust (NA 98) 11214-46030
    Engine Fuel Pump TT 23221-46110
    Engine Fuel Pump Brkt TT 23206-46160
    Engine t-belt idler 13505-46041
    Engine t-belt tensioner 13540-46030
    Engine Thermostat 90916-03093
    Engine Thermostat Gasket 16325-62010
    Engine Water Pump TT 16100-49846
    Engine Radiator Cap 16401-62100
    Engine Alternator TT Auto 27060-46120-84
    Engine Alternator TT 6spd 27060-46200-84
    Engine Starter 28100-46140-84
    Engine Engine Mounts (93.5 - 95.4) 12360-46070
    Engine Engine Mounts (95.5-98) 12360-46111
    Engine Radiator Assy TT 6spd Alumin type 16400-46420
    Engine Radiator Assy TT Auto Alumin type 16400-46430
    Engine Short Block Assy TT 11400-49088
    Engine Full Gskt Ket - Engine TT 04111-46094
    Engine TRD Oil Filter 90915-SP020
    Engine Shroud, Fan, No. 1 16711-46160
    Fluids & Goo FIPG - Trans. Oil Sealer 00295-01281
    Fluids & Goo FIPG - Engine Oil Pan Sealer 00295-00103
    Fluids & Goo ATF Type T-4 08886-81015
    Fluids & Goo 6-Speed Getrag Oil 08885-01306
    Fluids & Goo Antifreeze Toyota Red 00272-1LLAC-01
    Fluids & Goo Engine Oil 10w-30 Synthetic
    Fluids & Goo Differential Oil 75w-90 Synthetic
    Fluids & Goo Differential Oil Redline Shockproof Heavy - Redline 75w-90
    Fluids & Goo Disk Brake Caliper Grease 08887-80609
    Fluids & Goo Power Steering Fluid ATF or ATF Synthetic
    Fluids & Goo Brake Fluid DOT 3 or 4
    Fluids & Goo Clutch Fluid DOT 3 or 4
    Hoses & Clamps Napa T-Bolt Clamps 2 3/4 - 3 1/16 705-1532
    Hoses & Clamps Napa T-Bolt Clamps 3" - 3 5/16" 705-1533
    Hoses & Clamps Napa T-Bolt Clamps 3 1/16" - 3 3/8" 705-1525
    Hoses & Clamps Napa T-Bolt Clamps 3 1/4" - 3 9/16" 705-1534
    Hoses & Clamps EGR Hose 25695-46020
    Hoses & Clamps upper radiator hose 16571-46230
    Hoses & Clamps Valve cover ventilation hoses (2) 12263-46010 and 12264-46010
    Suspension Bilstein Shocks (FRONT) B46-1792
    Suspension Bilstein Shocks (REAR) B46-1793
    Suspension Brake Rotors - Supra Turbo (FRONT LEFT) 43516-14030
    Suspension Brake Rotors - Supra Turbo (FRONT RIGHT) 43512-14200
    Suspension Brake Rotors - Supra Turbo (REAR) 42431-14150
    Suspension Pads (FRONT) TT 04465-14150
    Suspension Front Brake Shims TT 04945-14110
    Suspension Front Brake Clips TT 04947-14010
    Suspension Front Brake Pad Pins TT 90240-06019
    Suspension Pads (REAR) TT 04466-14040
    Suspension Rear Brake Shims TT 04946-14030
    Suspension Rear Brake Clips TT 04948-14010
    Suspension Rear Brake Pad Pins TT 90240-06017
    Suspension Brake Cal Kit (FRONT) TT 04479-14140
    Suspension Brake Cal Kit (REAR) TT 04479-14130
    Suspension Brake Cal Assy (FRONT RIGHT) TT 47730-14260
    Suspension Brake Cal Assy (FRONT LEFT) TT 47750-14270
    Suspension Brake Cal Assy (REAR RIGHT) TT 47730-14270
    Suspension Brake Cal Assy (REAR LEFT) TT 47750-14280
    TRD sway bar kit f&r 00602-48800-003
    TRD strut tower brace 00602-53607-007
    TRD spring/strut kit 00602-48000-008
    TRD spring/strut kit 00602-48000-009
    TRD SS brake lines 00602-47300-012[discontinued]
    TRD oil filter 00642-90915-001
    TRD oil cap 00602-12108-003
    TRD air filter [oem style] 00642-17801-002
    TRD rad cap 00642-16401-003
    TRD clutch kit TT 00602-31201-010
    TRD gen 2 exhaust cat back TT 00602-17400-016
    TRD fuel pressure regulator 00643-23280-000
    TRD thermostat 16340-sp020
    Other Air Conditioner - dryer/reciever for the a/c 88471-34010
    Other Air Conditioner - condensor for the a/c 88460-14310
    Other Air Conditioner - reman compressor w/o clutch 88320-14600-84
    Other Wiper Blade Assy (RIGHT) 85212-33011
    Other Wiper Blade Assy (LEFT) 85222-14610
    Other Wiper Blade Assy (REAR) 85242-14020
    Other Wiper Blade refill (RIGHT) 85214-YZZB7
    Other Wiper Blade refill (LEFT) 85214-YZZB9
    Other Wiper Blade refill (REAR) 85214-YZZB6
    Other Wiper Blade Arm (RIGHT) 85211-14310
    Other Wiper Blade Arm (LEFT) 85221-14310
    Other Wiper Blade Arm (REAR) 85241-14020
    Other Cylinder Kit, Disc Br 04479-14140
    Other Bracket, FR Bumper E 52114-14100


    air filter-#17801-07020
    fuel filter-#23300-49195
    oil filter-#90915-20004 [jap made]
    pcv valve-#12204-46020[TT]
    pcv valve-#12204-46030 [NA]
    pcv grommet-#90480-18001

    automatic-#08886-81015 type-t-iv
    getrag 6spd-#08885-01306 v160
    antifreeze-#00272-1LLAC-01 Toyota Red
    engine oil- 5w30 or 10w30
    differental oil- 75w-90 or equilivent
    disk brake grease-#08887-80609

    blade assy rh-#85212-33011
    blade assy lh-#85222-14610 [also works on rh side]
    blade assy rear-#85242-14020
    refill frt rh-#85214-YZZB7
    refill frt lh-#85214-YZZB9
    refill rear-#85214-YZZB6
    arm rh-#85211-14310
    arm lh-#85221-14310
    arm rear-#85241-14020

    plugs-#90919-01178 [TT] ND platinum
    plugs-#90919-01210 [TT] ND iridium
    plugs-#90919-01168 [NA] ND platinum
    plugs ngk for bpu-#3330
    dist cap-#19101-70020 [NA]
    dist rotor-#19102-46011 [NA]
    wires-#90919-21521 [NA]
    coil-#90919-02205 [TT]
    coil-#90919-02207 [NA 93.5-97]
    coil-#90919-02216 [NA 98]
    coil elec. plug repair-#90980-11246

    drive belt-#90916-02310[serpentine]
    drive belt tensioner-#16620-46070 [TT 6spd]
    drive belt tensioner-#16620-0W025 [NA all /TT auto]
    timing belt-#13568-49036

    frt pads-#04465-14150 [TT for 4pot calipers]
    frt shims-#04945-14110[TT]
    frt clips-#04947-14010 [TT]
    frt pad pins-#90240-06019[TT]
    rear pads-#04466-14040 [TT]
    rear shims-#04946-14030 [TT]
    rear clips-#04948-14010 [TT]
    rear pad pins-#90240-06017 [TT]
    frt rotor rh-#43512-14200 [TT]
    frt rotor lh-#43516-14030 [TT]
    rear rotors-#42431-14150 [TT]
    cal kit frt-#04479-14140 [TT]
    cal kit rear-#04479-14130 [TT]
    cal assy frt rh-#47730-14260 [TT]
    cal assy frt lh-#47750-14270 [TT]
    cal assy rear rh-#47730-14270 [TT]
    cal assy rear lh-#47750-14280 [TT]

    frt pads-#04465-14081 [NA and 2pot caliper TT]
    frt shims-#04945-14010 [NA]
    frt clips-#04947-24030 [NA]
    frt cal pins-#47715-24010 [NA]
    rear pads-#04466-30030 [NA]
    rear shims-#04946-24010 [NA]
    rear clips-#04948-50010 [NA]
    rear cal pins main-#47715-06030 [NA]
    rear cal pins sub-#47715-06020 [NA]
    frt rotors-#43512-14190 [NA]
    rear rotors-#42431-30140 [NA 93.5-95]
    rear rotors-#42431-30240 [NA 96-98]
    cal kit frt-#04479-14120 [NA]
    cal kit rear-#04479-24030 [NA]
    cal assy frt rh-#47730-24082 [NA 93.5-94]
    cal assy frt lh-#47750-24082 [NA 93.5-94]
    cal assy frt rh-#47730-14281-84 [NA 95-98]
    cal assy frt lh-#47750-14291-84 [NA 95-98]
    cal assy rear rh-#47730-14240-84 [NA]
    cal assy rear lh-#47750-14240-84 [NA]

    frt axle hub-#43502-30140
    frt wheel brg-#90903-63006-77
    frt wheel seal-#90311-50008
    rear axle hub-#42301-30030
    rear wheel brg-#90369-43005-77
    rear seal inner-#90311-63001
    rear seal outer-#90311-57001

    pilot brg-#90363-12002-77 [TT-NA]
    t/o brg-#90903-63001 [TT]
    t/o brg-#31230-22100 [NA]
    clutch cover-#31210-14170-84 [TT]
    clutch cover-#31210-30261-84 [NA]
    clutch disc-#31250-14190 [TT]
    clutch disc-#31250-30391-84 [NA]
    clutch master-#31410-14310
    clutch slave-#31470-22120 [NA]
    clutch slave-#31470-14060 [TT]
    clutch master kit-#04311-12110
    clutch slave kit-#04313-14020 [TT]
    clutch slave kit-#04313-17010 [NA 93.5-96.5]
    clutch slave kit-#04313-22030 [NA 96.6-98]
    clutch fork-#31204-14060 [TT 6spd]
    clutch fork-#31204-22050 [NA 5spd]

    02 sensor-#89465-19605
    cam seals-#90311-40020
    crank seal-#90311-46001
    rear main seal-#90311-90006
    v/c gskt intake-#11213-46020
    v/c gskt exhaust-#11214-46011
    v/c gskt exhaust-#11214-46030 [NA 98]
    silicone gasket sealer-#00295-00102 [the black stuff in a tube]
    pcv hose frt v/c-#12264-46010 [TT]
    pcv hose rear v/c-#12263-46010 [TT]
    fuel pump-#23221-46070 [NA 93.5-97]
    fuel pump-#23221-50060 [NA 98]
    fuel pump-#23221-46110 [TT]
    fuel pump brkt-#23206-46160 [TT]
    fuel pump brkt-#23206-46140 [NA]
    t-belt ilder-#13505-46041
    t-belt tensioner-#13540-46030
    t/stat gskt#16325-62010
    w/pump-#16100-49837 [NA]
    w/pump-#16100-49846 [TT]
    rad cap-#16401-62100
    alternator-#27060-46200-84 [TT 6spd]
    alternator-#27060-46120-84 [TT auto]
    alternator-#27060-46190-84 [NA 93.5-95.5]
    alternator-#27060-46050-84 [NA 95.6-98]
    engine mounts-#12360-46070[93.5-95.4]
    engine mounts-#12360-46111[95.5-98 improved design]
    trans mount-#12371-46110 [TT 6spd]
    trans mount-#12371-46120 [TT auto]
    trans mount-# 12371-46090[NA 5spd]
    trans mount-#12371-46020 [NA auto]
    radiator assy-#16400-46420 [TT 6spd Alumin.type]
    radiator assy-#16400-46430 [TT auto alumin.type]
    radiator assy-#16400-46290 [NA 5spd]
    radiator assy-#16400-46300 [NA auto]
    short block assy-#11400-49088 [TT]
    full gskt kit engine-#04111-46094 [TT]

    hatch stay rh-#68950-19895 [w/spoiler]
    hatch stay lh-#68960-19585 [w/spoiler]
    hatch rubber stopper-#67293-14051[stops the squeak]
    screws for above 2ea-#90159-50116
    targa roof-#63201-14060
    targa mld rh-#63217-14030-C0
    targa mld lh-#63218-14020-C0
    targa w/strip rh-#62383-14030
    targa w/strip lh-#62384-14030
    targa headliner-#63312-14050-C0
    targa bolts frt-#90901-09004
    targa bolt /brkt rear rh#63240-14090[2pc brkt w/bolt]
    targa bolt/ brkt rear lh#63240-14060 [2pc brkt w/bolt]
    targa ctr.lock assy-#63203-14100
    HELICOIL KIT FOR TARGA BOLTS-#5546.6 [6mm x 1.0]
    turbo spoiler rear-#76085-14909
    frt glass mld-#75533-14190
    back glass mld-#75573-14210
    floor carpet-#58510-1B171-A0 [ stick/ivory]
    floor carpet-#58510-1B171-C0 [stick/black]
    floor carpet-#58510-1B181-A0 [auto/ivory]
    floor carpet-#58510-1B181-C0 [auto/black]
    rear lisc.plate nuts-#52121-24020
    tonneau cover trunk-#64910-14060-C0
    power antenna-#86300-14411
    power antenna mast only-#86337-14411[chrome only]
    ash tray-#74102-14130 [93.5-96]
    ash tray-#74102-14140 [97-98]

    front end mask-#00218-14930
    mudguards frt-#76095-14010
    wheel locks-#00276-14930
    floor mats blk/ivory logo-#00200-14930-08
    floor mats blk/silver logo-#00200-14930-13
    floor mats blk/SE logo-#00200-14950-01 [discontinued]

    gold NA kit -#00211-14950[no "turbo"logo]{discontinued}
    gold TT kit -#00211-14970 [w/"turbo" logo]{discontinued}
    gold SE kit-#00211-14954 {discontinued}
    gold SE logo only-#00211-14953 {discontinued}
    gold ctr cap logo-#00211-00951
    gold ant. nut-#00577-35950
    gold "logo"frt-#00211-14956
    gold "toyota"-#00211-14951
    gold "supra"-#00211-14952
    gold "logo"rear-#00211-14957
    15th anniv.logos-#00211-14971-01 blk
    15th anniv.logos-#00211-14971-28 silver
    SE side stripes rh-#00211-4R951
    SE side stripes lh-#00211-4L951
    "turbo"logo -#00016-23940{small brushed Aluminium w/black letters used by Toyota Southeast Distributors.94-95?TT}
    frt cover "logo" grey-#75314-14010
    tailgate "toyota"grey-#75441-14190
    tailgate "logo" grey-#75471-14010
    tailgate "supra" grey-#75442-14280[93.5-96 TT all NA]
    tailgate "supra turbo" grey-#75443-14180[97-98 TT]
    trd 3pack logo-#00602-42601-EMB[carbon fiber style 1"x2.75" "toyota racing development"red letters "TRD" chrome large letters]

    trd sway bar kit f&r-# 00602-48800-003
    trd strut tower brace-#00602-53607-007
    trd spring/strut kit-#00602-48000-008 [NA][discontinued]
    trd spring/strut kit-#00602-48000-009 [TT] [discontinued]
    trd SS brake lines-#00602-47300-012[discontinued]
    trd oil filter-#00642-90915-001
    trd oil cap-#00602-12108-003
    trd air filter-#00642-17801-002[oem style]
    trd rad cap-#00642-16401-003
    trd clutch kit-#00602-31201-010 [TT]
    trd gen 2 exhaust cat back-#00602-17400-016 [TT]
    trd fuel pressure regulator-#00643-23280-000
    trd brake pads-#00602,00643-XXXXX-XX [all discontinued]
    trd 10,000 rpm tach-#[all discontinued]

    getrag 6spd assy-#33030-0W212
    silicone trans pan sealer-#00295-01281 [orange stuff]
    atm screen filter-#35330-30011 [NA 93.5-97]
    atm screen filter-#35330-50010 [TT /NA 98]
    drive shaft-#37100-14810 [TT 6spd]
    drive shaft-#37100-14820 [TT auto]
    rear diff pinion seal-#90311-50018 [6spd]
    rear diff pinion seal-#90311-44005[ TT auto-NA all]
    rear diff axle seals-#90311-45013 [6spd]
    rear diff axle seals-#90311-47008 [auto all/NA 5spd]
    input shaft seal-#90080-31037[TT 6spd]
    output shaft seal-#90080-31029[TT 6spd]
    shift rod case seal-#90080-31032[TT 6spd]

    union bolt-#90401-19008
    o ring-#90301-68005

    3rd stop lamp-#81570-14060[93.5-94]
    3rd stop lamp-#81570-14061[95-98]
    head lamp lh-#81151-1B241 [98 style grey no bulbs]
    head lamp rh-#81111-1B241 [98 style grey no bulbs]
    tail lamp lh-#81561-14700 [98 style grey no bulbs]
    tail lamp rh-#81551-14700 [98 style grey no bulbs]
    t/s lamp frt rh-#81510-80086 [97-98 clear assy w/bulbs]
    t/s lamp frt lh-#81520-80086 [97-98 clear assy w/bulbs]
    t/s frt harness -#81515-14390[97-98 pig tail for aftermarket lamps]
    turn signal/hazzard flasher-#81980-12070
    indicator-#81730-20220 [93.5-96 style indicators in clear]part is actually for the 2003 corolla but perfect fit for supra

    lock nuts-#90179-08059 [8mm w/washer for 02 studs/ misc]
    lock nuts-#90179-10070 [10mm w/washer for studs / misc]
    bolts-#90105-10023 [ 10mm w/washer for exh pipes]
    nuts-#94180-41000 [10mm w/washer for exh pipes]
    studs-#90179-10070 [10mm for most mainfolds/exhaust]

    part# 55410-14530 ctr upper
    part# 55404-14570 lh dash
    part# 55420-14060 speedo bezel
    part# 55405-14170 radio/hvac panel
    part# 58804-14100 6spd shift bezel
    part# 58804-14110 atm shift bezel
    part#74232-14121 lh door switch bezel
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    Default Re: 2jzgte Part Numbers?

    Nice find Mr. Cramerisking.



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    Default Re: 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

    Wow good work!

    This will come in handy.
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    Default Re: 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

    I vote sticky.

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    Default Re: 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

    seen the list before somewhere..
    but i just go to the toyota dealer for the part #'s...
    mainly because they will always have up to date #'s not out of date ones heh

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    Default Re: 2JZGTE Part Numbers!

    Some of this list isn't bad, but a lot of it is out of date and discontinued. The dealer will have the most up to date information. If they are incompetent or whatever, just talk with one of the people online.

    Sometimes things change with years, etc, so just a list isn't always the best way to make sure you're getting the right part.

    In any case, it doesn't really hurt, so good work. I've seen list list elsewhere as well.


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