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Thread: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr141 View Post
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    1990 supra....
    ge block, .20 over wisecos, eagles, shimmed pump, arz feed tube,
    fully ported and built head. 272's, bigger valves, ti retainers, ffim, 90mm RMR throttle body
    hks 2.0 stopper, arp L19 studs, o-ringed block
    cast manifold, sp qsv, bw s369sxe, complete 3.5" stainless exh with vibrant race "muffler"
    tial, wastegate and bov, 3" intercooler piping, huge treadstone intercooler
    mishimoto race rad, dual fan kit
    built r154, mc and dm parts
    act extreme clutch with ceramic 6 puck. princess motorsports driveshaft, 373 rear end with weir stage 2 kit
    walbro 450, bosch 1700's, jms dual pump controller, -6 to dual -6 lines, fuel lab filter
    megasquirt ms3pro, Subaru sti coils
    I think that's everything. lol

    How much boost and what fuel you running?

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    sorry.... e85v and 30psi

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    7mgte stock bottom end (balanced)
    Schneider racing 272deg .315lift cams
    Super tech dual springs ti retainers
    Mhg/Arp bolts
    China exhaust manifold, ptr ffim
    Ecumaster emu (self tuned)
    Borg warner s362sxe 1.00 t4 divided 21psi boost (100 octane)
    ID 1000cc
    Walbro 400lph
    Fidanza flywheel

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    My 7M just put down 516whp. This should bring me from #21 to #15.

    Can I be updated on the list?


    -100hp dip at 6200rpm was due to spark blowout and has since been resolved by tightening plug gap to 24.

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    * Built 7mgte * JE Pistons * Crower Rods * Crazy Head Race Porting * Turbo Cam Regrinds * ARP Head Studs * HKS Stopper HG * AEM Cam Gears * Turbonetics Hi-Fi 62-1 Stage 5 Bolt-on Turbo * 5" Blitz SUS Filter * 1JZ FFIM w/ IAC * Greddy 24R FMIC * 15 Row Oil Cooler w/ Thermostat and Filter Relocator * Greddy 720cc low impedence Injectors * Denso 285lph pump w/ 12v mod * Aeromotive AFPR * Trust Power Extreme II Exhaust * One-Off Mandrel BIC Ceramic DDP * Fluidyne Radiator * Flex-a Lite Fans * Tial Q BOV * RPS Max Dual Diaphram Pressure Plate w/ OEM Aisin Disk * Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel * 3.73 Differential w/ Weir Stage One LSD * AEM v1 Rev.B Mod.C EMS * DH61 Ignitor / Sequential Ignition mod * Tokico Illumina II Shocks * Eibach ProLine Springs * HKS EAC-T TEMS Controller * Mercedes s500 13" BBK w/ Brembo Calipers, Rotors and Pads *

    Very old 458whp dyno vid link:


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