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Thread: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

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    Default ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Here it is folks, a list of power levels that will actually be updated.

    To go with our 1/4 times list, we will now have a list of the top dyno results for 7M, 1J, 2J and "other" Toyota powerplants. We DO want to see the posted sheets but, if possible please include a direct link to the graph, or a thumbnail of the graph to help keep the thread a bit cleaner. Thanks!

    There will be 4 sections. 7m powered, 1j powered, 2j powered, and Other - ie, 5m, 1G, 1/2uz, etc. I will do top 30 for 7m powered, since that is the majority, and top 15 for everything else.

    Edit by Grimjack: Slight change - you still need to be able to get into the top 30 / 15 to get on the list, but I won't remove people who get pushed down past the bottom.

    Make your submission by posting the following:
    • Your corrected wheel horsepower and torque.
    • Engine type.
    • Dyno sheet or video. I will work on the honor system that it is actually yours.
    • A *basic* mod list. Preferably ones that affect your power levels - save the details of your color shifting paint for a different conversation, please.

    Let the games begin.....


    7M-GTE powered

    1. mibrum - 1340whp - 91mm turbo, 40psi, stock crank and block, pauter rods, JE pistons, Jerico 5spd, 1mm oversized valves, ferrea valve train, ported head, TEC3r standalone
    2. Elli - 885whp/657wtq - BC272 Cams, BC Springs, JE-Pistons, Eagle Rods, S475SX, EMS8860
    3. upgradedsupra - 853whp/642wtq - JE's, TI rods, OEM crank, head work, custom TED billet cams, MoTeC M600, MoTeC E888, MoTeC SKM, M&W ignition, AIM DD, Weldon 2345, RC1000's, ATI TH350, Moly driveshaft, Custom ATI crank damper, Ron R FFIM.....
    4. kwnate - 842.98whp/683.20wtq - gt4067, AEM, ported head, TED 268 cams, Ron R. FFIM, aeromotive pump/1000's, tilton triple carbon/carbon, w/ n2o
    5. toyotanos - 788whp/674 rwtq - 7M Eagles/83.5mm JE's, AEM, 1350's, E-85, Billet 6765 @ 31psi, +1mm valves, dual springs, P&P, BC 272 cams
    6. X-man - 753 rwhp/589 rwtq - stock internals, gt42 @ 30 psi , 1000's, aem
    7. MK3Brent - 641.24whp/574.20wtq - GT4088, walbro/550s, VPC/AFC
    8. mark1987supra - 618whp/571wtq - 7MGTE, PROEFI, E55, SP61, 25 psi, 1200cc inj., BC 272 cams, Weisco 20 over, Crower rods, Hks Stopper, ARP Head and main studs.
    9. NashMan - 585whp/540wtq - PTE 67mm @ 24psi, BC272s, 850cc injectors, microtec lt10, a1000 fuel pump
    10. mytmk3 - 566.58whp/929wtq - Mp t70, tial v44, Toda cams Titan cam gears, comp cams valve springs, Je's and eagles, 1200cc injectors + dual walbro's, 3.5" catback 3"downpipe 2.5"&3" ic pipes large fmic, Ffim q45 tb, Link g4 ecu, Os triple plate clutch
    11. Supra8795 - 551.12whp/472.39wtq - mp T70, 750's, single walbro, afpr, , 3" exh., 4" intake, VPC/AFC, port/ polished head, 272 cams, Ron R ffim, 4" xspower ic, stock bottom end, cometic hg.
    12. HKS_TRD - 540whp/XXXwtq - GT35R, Motec M800, UNPORTED HEAD, HKS Cams, Greddy Intercooler, Stock intake manifold, Turbo A throttle body
    13. BostedSupra - 531whp/XXXwtq - AEM, SP63, 40 over JE's, Crower rods, stock crank, webcams 244, stock head, SP manifold, SP down pipe and mid pipe, apexi GT-spec cat-back, aeromotive 1000, greddy 660cc, apexi 3 row innercooler
    14. teamslow - 526whp/475wtq - Precision 6765 journal bearing turbo.81A/R 18 psi on pump gas, ID1000cc injectors, Walbro 400, AEM
    15. tekdeus - 515whp/503.4wtq - 28psi, stock 7m with MHG, 62mm billet HTA3586, SAFC, Lexus / 550s, water / meth injection
    16. mytmk3 - 515whp/435.4wtq - Mp t70 tial v44, Toda cams Titan cam gears, comp cams valve springs, Je's and eagles, 680 injectors + single walbro, 3.5" catback 3"downpipe 2.5"&3" ic pipes large fmic, Ffim q45 tb, Link g4 ecu, Os triple plate clutch
    17. supra90mkiii - 513whp/455wtq - 11.6:1 afr, sp61gtbb, ported head, bc 264 cams, ffim, 680cc injectors, 24psi, factory untouched ex manifold.
    18. polobai - 510whp/466wtq - Built 7m, (wiseco pistons, eagle rods, etc.) Port and polished head, three angle valve job, 272 bc cams, valve springs. Gt4082 at 20psi with 550's +meth on 93 octane. Maft pro @ 11.5 afrs.
    19. topgear - 505.3whp/527.4wtq - MP T70, walbro/1000's, Ported head w/3 angle valvejob, Eagle/Weisco combo, HKS Stopper 2.0mm, Fidanza Flywheel, RPS Bronze Stage 5, custom mani and exh., BIC IC, AEM
    20. jonny87turbo - 500whp/443.4wtq - 20psi, 7mgte with comp vrp64mm bolton turbo, 3in exhaust, 40 over with cp pistons, snowperformance meth injection, 2.5in intercooler piping, DM intercooler, AEM EMS, 1000 ID injectors, dual intank walbro fuel pumps
    21. MarkIII4Me - 467whp/426 ft/lbs - *JE Pistons * Crower Rods * Crazy Head Porting * Custom Raised 7M turbo Cams * ARP Head Studs * HKS Stopper HG * AEM Cam Gears * Turbonetics Hi-Fi 62-1 Bolt-on Turbo * 5" Blitz SUS Filter * 1JZ FFIM w/ all provisions * Delta Fin Intercooler * Greddy 720cc low impedence Injectors * Aeromotive AFPR * Tial Q Bov * Trust Power Extreme II Exhaust * BIC Ceramic DDP * Fluidyne Radiator * Flex-a Lite Fans * Spec Stage3 Clutch * AEM v1 Rev.B Mod.C EMS
    22. yota8791 - 461whp/411wtq - je's, stock rods, HKS 2mm MHG, P&P head, garrett T67 @17psi, hks intake, ets 32x12x3.5 fmic w/ greddy pipes, Sard FPR, walbro/870cc bosch injectors, ACT stage 3, 3" elbow/dp, HKS super dragger
    23. survyor2 - 440.6whp/431.0wtq - sp61 kit, HPF ic kit, je/eagles, 3"exhaust, spec3, fidanza flywheel, 550cc, lex afm, safc2, avc-r
    24. gixxer750 - 432.09whp/XXXwtq - t66 @ 15psi, FFIM, aem
    25. wardog - 431.74whp/426.47wtq - ct26/60-1 @ 18psi, K&n, maft pro, ddp, 3"exh, walbro/550's, 2.5 hardpipes/FMIC, evcEZ ,safc2
    26. suprakid24 - 431.23whp/441.91wtq - GT4088r @ 18psi, AEM ECU, 750's, HPF IC, stock internals
    27. aye mate - 430.91whp/390.50wtq - SP61GT,stock bottom end, 3" Exh, Walbro/stock injectors, Lex AFM, FMIC w. 2.5 hardpipes, 2mm cometic/arp's, Spec Stg 2 Clutch
    28. crisp - 427.14whp/368.22wtq - HKS alphabet soup on 550cc injectors off a single Denso MKIV pump, stock bottom end, 17.6psi
    29. pln - 425.3whp/XXXwtq - gt35r @ 18psi, mapecu2, rc550, mid-ported head
    30. UberSupra - 423.16whp/401.67wtq - SP61GT, Stock Bottom End , 3" Exh, Walbro/550cc/Lex AFM, Spearco IC w/ 50mm Hardpipes, Spec Stg 3 Clutch
    31. Fuzz420 - 422whp/401wtq - 17psi, Rebuilt GTE, Probes, prepped rods, ARP, HKS MHG, stock head, JT56 Turbo, RC550s, Wally, Aeromotive FPR, Maft Pro
    32. 92nsx - 417.41whp/382.81wtq - 40 over probe pistons, eagle rods, HKS MHG, BC 1mm oversized valves, BBC springs, BC 272 cams, A1000, afpr, Lexus / 550s, FFIM, BOSS Sr. - P-trim 61mm, GTS housing triple ceramic ball bearing turbo.
    33. sunnysupra - 413whp/475wtq - stock head, crank, rods. JE 20 over. hks HG. stock upgraded ct26. walbro, vpc/afc, spearco intercooler
    34. paradox616 - 411.5whp/379.6wtq - stock rebuilt motor, cometic/arps, 3 angle valve grind, T61 @ 16psi, 3" turbo back exhaust, haltech e6x, 835cc injectors, walbro 255, 24"x12" intercooler
    35. kmfdmk - 406.63whp/392.33wtq - 57 Trim CT-26, 550's, Maft-Pro, Tial 50mm, 2.5" IC, 3" full Exh. 12x3x36 FMIC, Probe Pistons, Eagle Rods, Knife-Edged Crank, XTD Lightweight Flywheel, Stage III Clutch, P&P Int. Head & Exh Mani. Dual Oil Filter w/ Oil Cooler & Thermo. Crank Scraper
    36. soup - 405whp/391wtq - rebuilt 7m w/stock internals, mhg w/arp studs, lucas pte 580's, lex afm, greddey eman blue, basic harness, t4 60 trim / t3 .58A/R hot side at 14psi, BIC tube manifold + 3.5" exhaust, NPR intercooler
    37. Supra0089 - 402whp/408wtq - JT62 turbo at 16psi, HKS MHG & ARPs, RC550s, DDP, 3" exhaust, Spearco FMIC, Wally, built a340e
    38. KevinM - 391.36whp/378.69wtq - SP63 @ 17psi, MAF Translator, 720cc inj, SAFC2
    39. pimptrizkit - 375.49whp/334.84wtq - 57 trim ct26, 2.5" hard pipes, fmic, stock injectors/pump, n/a cams. full 3" exh. no cats, rebuilt head, .20 over, 2mm mhg, stock rods, MAFT Pro
    40. sethron71 - 372.47whp/363.32wtq- 57 Trim CT @18psi, Lex AFM, Walbro/550's, S-AFC, K&N, Divorced 3" DP, Full 3" Exhaust, Long Runner FFIM w/ 3.25" TB, FMIC and 2.5" IC piping, 2MM MHG w/ ARP's, Fidanza w/ SPEC Stage 3+, One-Piece driveshaft
    41. CajunKenny - 367whp/345wtq - JT62 @ 15 psi, PTE550's, Walbro, AFPR, Maft-Pro, Fidanza FW, Fan Delete, Extrude Honed Intake Manifold, DM IC, 2.5" IC Pipe, Blitz Elbow, 3" SuperDragger, Test Pipe
    42. rodel - 365.6whp/373.4wtq- aem ems, 60 trim ct26, 550 injectors,3" exh.
    43. avp23 - 364.18whp/373.94wtq- je pistons, eagle rods, light flywheel, spec 3+ 60-1 trim, 550cc, lex afm, big fmic, 3inch exh. afc, avcr.
    44. tsupranami - 363whp/- 1.0 BAR, untuned, stock internal 7M-GTE, Boss Sr. 57 trim, 550 injectors, LexAFM, Apexi SAFC and AVC-R

    1JZ-GTE powered

    1. Albert - 722whp/618wtq - 30psi on stock block 1jz. 1200cc, e85, dual 044, T70 turbo. .84ar, 3"dp, 4" exhaust, 272 cams. 20 timing. Tuned by tony at UMS on Proefi 128
    2. 525gte - 641whp/500wtq - 30psi stock rods. Cp 9to1 pistons. 1200cc e85 precision 6262. 82 ar bc 264 cams ms3 pro single aem320 in tank pump.
    3. 2JZ_MA70 - 602.6whp/550.8wtq - stock motor GT35R-HTA, 3" turbo back, Tub manifold w/ 60mm tial, 24x12x4 Int, 1600cc, Twin Walbros, AEM EMS and C2DI
    4. Turbo Drifter - 550.7whp/~460wtq - IHI RHC7 20p @23psi, 550's, S-AFC, BCC, 3" exh & dp, Spearco 24x12x3.5 I/C
    5. suprahero - 543.2whp/437.3wtq - gt35 @ 24psi, 3" exh, crower 272's, DM FMIC and hardpipes, Stinger, walbro/624's
    6. 10secdream - 482.46whp/406.03wtq - Jun 264/272cams, Bosch 044 fed by stock pump, MK4 550s, Apexi IHI C7 Turbo @ 22psi, 3" dp/BIC 3.5" Catback, Devils Own Meth Inj kit w/ M14 nozzle, Stinger EMS, ARC 18x12x4 IC w/ 2.5" piping
    7. Torque - 471.78whp/381.94wtq - stock 1jzgte motor, sp63 turbo, 3 inch turbo back exhaust, 24*12*3 inch intercooler, 2.5 inch intercooler piping hot side and 3 inch cool side, SAFC, MK4 550cc and walbro in-tank fuel pump.
    8. Yotaholic - 451whp/390wtq - HKS twins @ 19psi, Spec Stage3+, Raptor Racing 3" ss Exhaust w/HKS Y pipe, 24x12x3.5" IC, Emanage Ultimate, Bosch FP/sard 650's, Mines Ecu, usdm 2J cams, Titan adj cam gears
    9. becauseican - 449whp/410wtq - USDM 2jz custom machined cams, MK4 pump, BIC top feed rail w/750's, DBB SP61 .58 a/r, BIC custom 3.5" DP/Thunder catback, Haltech PS2000 EMS, AEM water/ Meth kit, Garrett/ Spearco custom 24x12x3.5" IC, BIC custom 2.5" IC piping
    10. honestabe - 399.95whp/346.54wtq - Driftmotion 60-1 .70 A/R twin scroll turbo @ 16psi, DM twin scroll manifold, 3" turbo-back exhaust, SAFC NEO, JDM 2J 440cc injectors, CAI, FMIC, 2.5" IC piping
    11. Viggs - 392whp/331wtq - DM67 kit, 93+meth, BC 272 cams, 780cc top feeds, dual walbros, cracked coil packs
    12. lazer1100 - 380.9whp/418.1wtq - Stock 1jzgte , rebuilt twins at 18psi, mines ecu, SAFC 2, full three inch fencepole and turbosmart manual boost controller
    13. destrux - 369.5whp/388.1wtq - Stock 1JZGTE, Holset HY35W on tubular manifold, 46mm wastegate, 3" intake w/ K&N, 3" turbo-back exhaust, 100cell metalcat, Circuit 7 MBC, 2.5" IC piping, JDM Sport 3" Intercooler, AFC Neo, 440cc injectors, Walbro 255 HP, vF gauge, PLX wideband, SSI-4 datalogger
    14. brett - 346whp/290wtq - GT4082 .86a/r @ 11psi, 440's, Crower 264's, S-AFC, Aeromotive AFPR, Dual Walbro's, RPS Max 6-puck
    15. Zerocool - 331whp/299wtq - T66, 3inch exh, FMIC w/ 3" hardpipes, SAFC II, JDM MKIV 440's, Walbro 255
    16. te72 - 320.45whp - 89 Supra, 1jz, stock twins @12psi, BC264 cams, ported/polished, 3" exhaust from turbos back. Stock AIRBOX.
    17. viperkillertt - 300.6whp/298.7wtq - Stock Twins@15psi, 12x24x3" ic, Blitz ecu, Full 3" exhaust w/cat & Y-pipe
    18. MK3Hitman21 - 300.54whp/310.06wtq - Completely stock 1j, with emanage blue and boost controller.
    19. sixpatch - 297.57.5whp/319.98wtq - AEM wideband, SAFCII, AVCR, Driftmotion IC & hardpipes, Wally, Koyo rad, Southbend Stage 4 clutch, 17.21psi
    20. xsjado - 292.5whp - stock twins@12.7 psi, 2.5" y-pipe to 3" exhaust, 24x12x3 FMIC, Malpassi FPR, SAFC-II, AVC-R, Single plate clutch, Titan Cam Gears -5 exh/+1 int

    2JZ-GTE powered

    1. 2jzmk3 - 1037.1whp/XXXwtq -
    2. jt2ma71 - 844whp/646wtq 26 psi. Dry sumped. Ron R. intake manifold, Ron R. exh manifold. Ron R. 4" exh w/ burns muffler. GT42R. MoTeC M820, MoTeC CDI8, MoTeC E888, MoTeC ADL, MoTeC TCMux, MoTeC etc.
    3. nathaninwa - 778whp/636wtq 26psi, MS3Pro, Wiseco 9.5-1, K1 rods, S1's, 6466 divided .84, staged injection with 1200cc secondarys on A1000-116 race gas.
    4. mrsuprafreak - 716.94whp/686.39wtq - Borg Warner 80mm Stock block and stock head 272 HKS, 850cc injectors, 4inch Custom exhaust.
    5. hottscennessey - 677.86whp/580.17wtq - 2JZ-GE NA-T; Master Power T70 .68 A/R., Bosch 044, 870cc injec
    6. rodel - 668whp/615wtq - Stock vvti 2jzgte, 67 Comp Turbo, 1000cc injectors, 25 lbs boost, e85, aem v2.
    7. Nick Stonawski - 619.78whp/523.49wtq - T88-33D, 720s, hks 264's, Exedy twin plate clutch, g-force ECU
    8. suprahero - 614whp/561wtq - 1j head, pt67@25psi, 3" dp to 4" exhaust, SARD 624cc inj., BC 272 small core cams, CP pistons, Eagle rods, DM IC & piping, Drewgo mani, Tial 44, meth inj, Stinger EMS, Apexi AVC-R, Stock intake, HKS DLI
    9. Nick 95 6sp - 613.8whp/590wtq - 22psi, water / meth injection, Twin Garrett GT2860's with Tial exhaust housings on V-band moded HKS manifolds
    10. SirLoki - 609.72whp/541.36wtq - AEM ems, HKS t04z, HKS 264's, 720's
    11. leecheater - 579.7whp/588wtq - GT3582r DBB, US OEM cams, 24x12x4 IC, , Aeromotive FPR and fuel pump, HKS replica 50mm WG, Greddy SP Cat Back, 1pc jawsgear Steel Driveshaft, 1200cc injectors, AEM ECU, tuned with E-85
    12. Grimjack - 578whp/557wtq - 5 speed, dbb 67mm turbo, 890cc injectors, water meth, Vipec v88
    13. dok33 - 533.1whp/496.93wtq - 93 2jzge, TT hg, 7M ECU/Harness, Lex AFM/SAFC, 880cc inj/E85, SSAC T4 Manifold, MP T70, 50mm wg w/ 15psi spring,Aeromotive FPR, Bosch 044 pump,Chinese dp to 935 3" DIY exhaust
    14. jmcboost - 533whp/461wtq - 2JZGE-T, 1.8MM HG, Master Power T-70, Stinger 4424 EMS, Web cams 264, R-154, 780cc, Wally, FFIM
    15. NewGen - 516.74whp/436.12wtq - 2jzgte Stock Engine, Chinese gt45, AEM V2, 91 octane @18 psi
    16. Torque - 420whp/404wtq - Borg warner 83-75 turbo, Cast manifold, 3" down pipe to a 3" Greddy SP cat-back exhaust, Sard 800cc injectors, Walbro 400lph fuel pump, 12x24x3 intercooler and a AEM V1 EMS.
    17. gurley0916 - 417whp/397wtq - Aristo 2jz-gte, R154, 3'' Exhaust 4'' Intake, Garrett 67mm turbo with .70 divided housing & manifold, usdm 550cc injectors, MAPECU tuner, Lc-1, Walbro 255, Dyno was at 19psi
    18. tissimo - 394.91whp/389.76wtq - Stock twins, 18 psi, fmic, 3" exhaust
    19. bigdaddygrip - 392whp/330wtq - 1j head, 264 BC cams, 550's, T67 turbo .58 a/r, Map-Ecu 2, 93 octane + Meth

    "Other"powered (1UZ, 5/6M, etc.)

    1. darkspeed - 421whp/401wtq - 6m, T61, 3.5" DP, HKS mani/40mm WG, Megasquirt EFI, walbro/720's, FFIM w/ ford tb, spec stg 3, npr IC
    2. limequat - 249whp/259wtq - 4.2L VORTEC swap (inline 6, aluminum block), 3" exhaust and custom tune
    Bryan T.
    -87 supra- 7m on methanol, gt5591, GM Pg, 4 link, ford 9", 30"x14" drag radials- Coming no time soon...
    -88 supra- 10.55 @ 126.77- 7m powered (long gone )
    -66 chevelle - 05 Cummins dually

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    1JZ-GTE, cold air intake, 3" exhaust (catless), 1-piece 11 lb. aluminum DS, ACT clutch kit, SAFC Neo, AEM TRU boost gauge/controller, 16 pounds of boost, stock twins, Aeromotive FPR, and tuning by John at RRev Motorsports. 296.55 RWHP, 270.76 RWTQ.

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    1JZ-GTE: 2.5" y-pipe into full 3" exhaust, 24x12x3 FMIC, Malpassi FPR, SAFC-II, AVC-R, Single plate clutch, Titan Cam Gears -5 exhuast/+1 intake, 12.7 psi on stock twins, 292.5 RWHP(218.1 RWKW), 601.7 RWTQ(815.8Nm) on a partial tune(never got to finish tuning ). Blue run is good run, red run you don't wanna know

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    7mgte,stock ct26, 2.5" hard pipes/t-bolts , front mount ic. stock injectors,stock fuel pump-i also was running out of fuel. n/a cams. full 3inch exhaust not cats. head had a full rebuild and 3angle grind.
    .20 over pistons and rings, 2mm mhg, .10 under bearings. resized,polished and balenced rod's , knife edged crank and remove 1.35lbs

    running maft pro, had the boost controller set to 12psi and it peaked at 13. or so and leveled back off.

    all tuning was done by my self.
    full 3inch w/cat soon test pipe meganR GT turbo muffler~2 peice, 2.5" hard pipes~maft pro-speed density~lc-1 wide band~walbro~255lph~3.93 lsd swap~5spd swap~arp's w/ titian 1.4mm mhg~85ft/lbs~stock ct-26--13psi@ 325whp/318ftlbs

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    2JZ-GE NA-T; Master Power T70; .68 A/R., Bosch 044, 870cc injectors, Stinger EMS, Sethron FFIM, Q45 TB, Methanol injection.


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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Brent A.
    564hp 510tq

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    281 hp, 337 tq
    Stock turbo and fuel, rerouted divorced downpipe, 3" exhaust and cat, 13 psi peak and leveled to 10.
    Last edited by Sawbladz; April 8th, 2009 at 05:23 PM.
    Jamie - in pursuit of low 12's and 430ish rwhp
    Quote Originally Posted by IJ. View Post

    Never met an issue I couldn't solve by throwing $$$ at it!
    Build: http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57748

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    here is one of my 600rwhp plus charts on my stock internal 7m-gte, SP67,680's,the alphabet soup and alot of fuel.

    here is the 753 rwhp sheet on stock internals, GT42, 1000 cc injectors, HKS DLI and an AEM

    Last edited by X-man; May 17th, 2008 at 08:34 PM. Reason: added another sheet
    88 turbo GT42
    753 rwhp/ 589 rwtq @ 30 psi on stock internals


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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Mod list:
    SP61GT (wastegate boost)
    JBL o2 Housing
    3" Exhaust (no cats)
    Walbro 255
    Aeromotive AFPR
    DriftMotion Fuel Feed line (removed pulsation dampner)
    Rebuilt OE Injectors
    K&N FIPK
    Lexus AFM
    DriftMotion FMIC
    2.5'' Cooleeze Aluminum Pipes
    Greddy RS BOV (recirculated)
    Cometic 2mm MHG
    ARP Bolts (torqued to 100ft.lbs)
    CompCams Valve Springs
    Spec Stage 2 Clutch and Pressure Plate
    165k miles on the bottom end, transmission and rear end!

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    Default Re: ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Mkii - 6M-GE - stock rotating assy.
    T04e/T61 w/3.5" DP
    HKS shorty manifold/40mm WG
    Megasquirt EFI fuel n spark
    720cc densos
    SPEC stg3+ (W58)
    walbro 255
    FFIM/5.0L Ford TB
    NPR intercooler

    Final Pull

    Thanks again for a top-notch forum!

    85 CelicaSupra 6M-GTE
    Megasquirt v3/MS1
    Tuned by HeebSpeed


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