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Thread: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

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    Default Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    Update *aug 22 2007*
    Update *aug 28 2007*
    Update *aug 29 2007*
    Update *sep 10 2007*
    Update *Jan 8 2008*

    Stage 1
    r154 $350 parts car
    r154 driveshaft $90 supramania.com
    1jz r154 bellhousing $350 driftmotion.com
    1jz r154 flywheel $269.99 driftmotion.com
    ARP flywheel bolts $31.50 driftmotion.com
    t4 turbo manifold $100 ebay
    2jzgte from an aristo $2100
    1jz oil pressure gauge sender adaptor $20 driftmotion.com
    used driver side front fender $20 parts car
    used front mudflaps? (old ones rusty, used ones like new) $20 parts car
    coin tray in place of TEMS buttons (Yeehaw found it!) $free parts car
    used door lock cover (inside, the one with the shitty clips to the door, have to figure out how to make them stay on...) $free
    1jzgte (supra) upper oil pan $150 for everything supramania.com
    1jzgte (supra) lower oil pan
    1jzgte oil baffle
    1jzgte oil pickup
    2jzgte oil pickup gasket $8 toyota dealer
    2jzgte thermostat from toyota + gasket $too much. 27$ toyota dealer
    used interior trim piece for center (around deck holds cig lighter etc) $10 parts car
    **earls clutch line $20 supramania.com
    **toyota oem clutch hardline turbo long $dont remember toyotapartscheap.com
    **toyota oem clutch hardline turbo short $dont remember toyotapartscheap.com
    **bought a full clutch line from driftmotion.com for about 45$ ... sick of the hardlines =/ heh
    new Clutch master cylinder $40 toyotapartscheap.com
    new slave master cylinder $58 toyotapartscheap.com
    Manual transmission pedal set (clutch, brake) $25 i think supramania.com
    new 2jz starter (ive actually had this since i owned my mkiv i just never put it in) $dont remember toyota dealer about 6 years ago
    used hood bumpers on front (they look better than a blue hose holding it) $free parts car
    walbro fuel pump (255 lph) $98 driftmotion.com
    new pleather shift boot $15? supramania.com vender
    shift knob 65$- i bought this from another vender here its a MOMO and it looks sweet.
    marlin crawler shifter seat $10 marlincrawler.com
    marlin crawler socket $8 marlincrawler.com
    BIC solid motor mounts for 89+ mounts for a jz engine $185? BICperformance.com
    speedo cable for r154 (not actually sure if i needed this but it was free so who cares hah!) parts car
    RP gear oil ( i actually bought this for my lexus' differential but never used it) napa
    power steering fluid (ATF) autozone
    toyota red coolant (this stuff is pricey) local toyota dealer
    2jzgte water pump (oem) $129.30 toyotapartscheap.com
    2jzgte rear main seal (oem) $30.36 toyotapartscheap.com
    lower radiator hose $11.02 toyotapartscheap.com
    wastegate $120 shipped from driftmotion.com
    Oil filter relocation kit $60 ish summitracing.com
    oil thermostat 40$ summitracing.com
    k&n oil filter $9
    2jzgte timing belt (gates) $75 titanmotorsports.com
    charcoal canister $40 supraforums.com
    oil pan gasket material Loctite brand $9 for a big ass tube summitracing.com
    o2 sensor bung for new downpipe $24 bicperformance.com
    oil cooler 61$ summitracing
    intake pipe 15$ ebay
    air filter k&n 54$ summitracing
    MKIV supra throttle cable $65 driftmotion.com
    2jzgte serpentine belt (power enterprise) $90 Titanmotorsports.com (ships out to me this monday)
    some iridium spark plugs 45$ NGK from a local parts store
    wiring harness $800 yikes thats pricey! but its OEM quality they dont have those for 2jz aristo engines in mkiii LOL. Dr. Tweak @ pheonixtuning.com he'll hook you up.
    oil pressure sender from a 7mgte=$free
    water pump pulley = Bought the aluminm set from driftmotion.com 60$ same size as OEM
    Intercooler hard pipes 160$ from driftmotion for everything i'll ever need hah.
    2jzgte high pressure power steering hose from an mkiv supra. This was 55$ from a parts store... beats over 300 from toyota!
    banjo for brake booster on 2jzgte intake manifold with fitting about 20$ for everything from toyotapartscheap.com
    r154 inspection covers and gaskets 120$ for both new from toyotapartscheap.com
    Turbo!!! i bought one! Turbonetics 62-1 dual ball bearing from treadstoneperformance.com
    downpipe for turbo didnt buy it but i know i am going to buy a 90 deg bend of stainless steel to weld to a vband and on the 90 deg going to weld on my o2 areas so i can at least drive it without a CE light sometime and fogure out the o2 wiring. going to get this from treadstone as well welding done locally
    Intercooler!!! i got a different one (the 1JZ one from Driftmotion)
    HKS 40mm wastegate 403$ from mvpmotorsports.com
    AEM uego 205$ mvpmotorsports.com
    2jzgte mech fan clutch and blade - 258$ toyotapartscheap.com
    Turbo Heat Blankie 150$ titanmotorsports
    Oil lines for my turbo 115$
    FPR suprasport 150$
    fuel management - MAP ECU 2 baby
    oil lines for t4 turbo - Treadstone 115$
    Clutch suprasport.com $538.83
    fpr bracket 15$ suprasport.com
    Lipp upgraded ground kit 27$ suprasport.com
    15$ for an extra ground cable for lipp
    oil pressure sensor + plug pieces supramania.com 20$
    FPR kit driftmotion 204$
    vac lines + fittings 61$ suprasport

    Stage 2
    Coil Allen bolts(twins turbo) 15$
    Second blow off valve - Synchronic Purchased 200$something
    fuel pump install
    Hook up and tune on my Map Ecu 2.
    Sandwich adaptor for oil relocation
    EGT gauge
    install my clutch
    BIC poly mounts
    driveshaft 350$
    the other two things empera makes i need to get up on since mine are thrashed
    my crankcase hoses between valve covers
    new alternator (mine was tested fine, problem solved)
    larger a/r turbine housing - Purchased 235$

    Quote Originally Posted by Syris View Post
    More people need to understand this....4rth gear is direct drive on a 5spd and is 1:1 and will give true results which is where is should be dynoed, now on a 4spd automatic it should be dynoed in 3rd which is technically direct drive as in auto's 4rth is overdrive.
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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    sweet ill tag along for this build.. hope to see progress soon!

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    The anticipation was STAGGERING

    Engine, the last time it'll be in my car.

    Engine Sold, picking up the r154 in 2 days (and the coiter pin in need with it lol, and a stock slave cyl for now..), BIC mounts = purchased, t4 single turbo manifold = purchased, still need a few other things of course working on pulling out the engine today... might also purchase a high pressure power steering line from autozone or similar store~ may also order my oil filter relocation kit today as well...
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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    no pictures (yet getting some WED when i pick up my tranny) i have my 7m out thrilled about that. just need to get the harness off... i took it out with the downpipe and tranny still attached man its hard when you do it by yourself.... but i have it done (friend came by and helped hehe), transmission is not off the engine and about half way done with taking the harness off.

    what was really surprising is when i took my engine out the mounts fell off... wow i thought they were bad and i had no idea usually you hear knocking or something but nope i didnt...

    1jz oil pressure gauge sender adaptor (hey maybe it will work )
    1JZ-GTE Flywheel(over 500$ from the dealer )
    1JZ Bellhousing(also over 500$ from the dealer FOR EMPLOYEES i hate the parts guy at my local toyota dealership, prick)
    2jz throttle cable (i know i couldve used a corolla but honestly i do not have the time to just goto a junk yard WITH THE TIME I PUT INTO THE 2JZGTE SWAP!! lol it would be silly if i didnt have at least some time to work on that )
    ARP 1JZ Flywheel Bolts (Might as well, still not sure if they are reusable but who cares i shouldnt need to take off this flywheel unless i buy a lightened one, and replacing my rear main seal before i install tranny)

    ordered these from driftmotion.com NOT the dealer hehe saved me a few bucks.

    *edit* Harness is out! r154 is almost to the garage.... just a note when removing the harness from the 7mgte, take off the throttle body and isc makes things a million times easier... and i only forgot about two plugs hidden near alternator... (oops! oh well i only need the body pins , now i just need to be very careful when taking the jz harness off )
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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    after talking to dr tweak (he is doing my wiring) i should have full use of ALL of my gauges! (minus the boost gauge but thats my own doing hehe)

    manifold came in the mail, looks good just have to grind some~

    thermostat and gasket came in mail as well as a gasket for the oil pickup in the oil pan.

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    It has the correct capacity

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    You're going single right? Stock twins are so last year!
    *7M free zone since June 2005

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    God damn it joe. I cant tell you how many times I tried to squish that damn bug.

    Tlo86 - That project = o.o I will for one be tunned in.
    01 Triumph TT600 - Current
    91 Toyota Supra - Sold.

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    Default Re: Tlo86's 2JZ Build Thread..

    Quote Originally Posted by OneJoeZee
    You're going single right? Stock twins are so last year!
    yeah thats why its taking so long lol i still need to get pics i still only have pics of the day the engien first arrived!

    the manifold that came in (ebay) still needs the inside grinded a bit from the welds ~ they did most but its one of the best ebay manifolds i have seen in person. err minus the fact the holes for the studs dont quite line up (only one is off)
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