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Thread: Information: The Definitive MKIII Supra MAFT Pro Guide

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    Default Information: The Definitive MKIII Supra MAFT Pro Guide

    yeah, this won't be done for a while....

    Timing Monitor
    The MAFT Pro is capable of monitoring timing advance/retard via the MAF input when used in speed/density mode. In order to enable this, you must disconnect the MAF input pull-up resistor (R7 on the back of the MAFT Pro PCB). You can either desolder R7, clip one of the legs or put a switch inline with it. Properly done, this mod won't void any warranty of your MAFT Pro. If you are uncomfortable doing this mod, contact me to arrange for free modification of your MAFT Pro. Why do you have to disconnect R7? Because R7 "pulls up" the MAF input to 5V, creating a default value given no input. When monitoring timing, you don't need this pull up.

    After clipping R7, connect the MAF input wire (yellow wire, pin 9 on 10 pin connector) to G2 on your engine wiring harness at the ECU. Set Fin to 20 (older software, <4.60). After enabling the timing monitor, you'll need to verify that it is reading correctly. Stick a timing light on the engine and check timing at warm idle, compare this to the timing monitor's reading and adjust Tm Base to make the readings match. Then rev the engine to a higher RPM and compare readings again, correct any difference via Tm Correct.

    In short:
    • Disconnect R7
    • Set Fin to 20
    • Connect MAF Input wire to G2
    • Compare timing readings at idle, correct with Tm Base
    • Compare timing readings at higher RPM, correct with Tm Correct

    Vf Monitor
    The MAFT Pro can use its auxiliary input to monitor Vf. Simply connect the auxiliary trigger input (purple wire, pin 6 of 6 pin connector) to Vf on your engine wiring harness at the ECU, then set Aux1 to 0. This makes for an invaluable help when tuning to satisfy Vf.

    In short:
    • Connect Auxiliary Input to Vf
    • Set Aux1 to 0
    MKIII Technical Information Depot: www.mkiiitech.com

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    Default Re: Information: The Definitive MKIII Supra MAFT Pro Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by drjonez
    .......... Set Fin to 20 (older software, <4.60). .......
    This is still required with 4.80 to get the numbers to show up for TM on the SensorMonitor. My guess is something that was in 4.60 never made it to 4.80?

    P.S. Feel free to delete/merge this reply as needed.


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