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Thread: Oil Squirter Opening Pressure Test Info

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    Default Oil Squirter Opening Pressure Test Info

    Courtesy of our friend IJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by IJ.
    Test results: Using my High Tech test rig (Hose with a squirter screwed in hooked to the mini reg) They start opening at 39 psi and full open by 48 psi.

    I tested 3 used squirters and they're all +/- 1 psi.
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    Default Re: Oil Squirter Opening Pressure Test Info

    A bit more info

    Quote Originally Posted by arz View Post
    While I had all the parts out I made a test fixture to test the "opening point" of the oil squirter "Check Valves" as Toyota calls them. These items are a bolt with a ball bearing held pressurized with a coil spring in the closed position the oil exits similar to the way oil would exit a banjo bolt. If you have been following this thread chances are you know all about them. Heres a photo of a set of new ones.

    Most of the ones in good condition seemed to open above 45psi and all seemed to flow at least a small amount as low as 10 psi. Obviously I was testing with air pressure, so it is highly possible they flow nothing until their designed pressure release of above 45psi with oil behind them. Watch the videos I find it very interesting to see how they actually operate when tested.

    Heres a photo of my test rig, very simple actually, but seemed to work great.

    As promised, here are a few videos of oil squirters used and new. You might be surprised at how they perform.

    First video of used Oil Squirter

    Video of New Oil Squirter

    Video of Good working 130,000+ mile Oil Squirter

    Video of 200,000+ mile Oil Squirter Nozzles/Check Valves
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