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Thread: Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

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    Default Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    Here's some links to start us off!!!

    drjonez's MAFT Pro FAQ:

    drjonez's MAFT Pro archive (manuals, SW updates, etc.):

    How many Maft Pro in MKIII

    Setting up a Maft Pro in AFC mode

    Maft Pro setttings and tuning

    A newbies guide to setting up Maft pro with Tuner Pro Rt

    Maft Pro manual

    Maft Pro Tuning thread

    Maft Pro Install with wiring diagrams for Pre and Post 89 & 89+ HAC Mod

    MAFT-Pro VE Table

    writeup: MAFT Pro install for 7M-GE

    MAFT Pro - N/A install - Translator Mode BEWARE- good bit of bad info in this thread

    MAFT running..Now just needs tuning

    Gain Adjustment Worksheets - SAFR, SAFC I, II & NEO, MAFT Pro & GenII ◊

    Maft pro question

    I just carried these over from the suggestion box

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    Default Charging System Voltage Too Low: MAFT pro LCD backlight comes on, unit unresponsive

    If your MAFT pro LCD backlight comes on and nothing else happens and the unit seems dead, check your system voltage...
    Your car's battery might be discharged, the MAFT Pro requires at least 10V.
    /Stefan, Sweden

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    Default installing tips!

    Hey guys let's get this section started!
    I figured if we all put in on things we found helped while installing,

    I'll start,

    I found that the check engine light came on for codes 24 and 34 i believe, an air temp and hac sensor?

    Well, I found that the maft pro was not powering up in time for the tccs to do its system check with it wired to power on using the b+ or B on the ecu, I switched the power supply to the cigerette lighter power source (i removed my cig lighter and installed a boost gauge), and have it powering on when the ignition switch turns to the acc position, I also have the wide band doing the same thing to cut down time for it to come online.

    The next thing I found refers more to ANY wiring you do, but for fuel managment it is a MUST in my eyes now, I will not install another with out doing this! SOLDER!

    I have used crimp conections, scotch clips, snap connections, you name it! Each time I pulled my motor I pulled my harness though the firewall, and after doing this several times it has created loose connections (you say your not pulling your motor?), well these connections can be improperly installed I.E. Bad connection, or they can loosen up on there own after awhile.

    The best way to install the conections is to seperate the insulation on the wire enough to wrap the maft pro wire around it. Heat using the iron from the under side, and apply solder from the top of the wire, do not touch their on to add the solder, you want the solder to soak into the hot wire, and not puddle on top of the wire.

    Make sure to use the correct solder! DO NOT use plumbing solde (acid core), use resin core.

    tip from friend
    My preference is "silver solder" for wires... and it is available in Rosin and Acid core, as well.

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    Default Maf-t Pro and stock setup

    My Na-T set up is almost complete and I have a Maf-t pro on the way. I am wondering if I will see any gains after installation of the Maft-pro and dyno time with a stock setup or should I just wait until I have extra mods. What kind of gains should I expect?

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    Default Re: Maf-t Pro and stock setup

    you will certainly see some gains using any tuning device on a stock setup. the gains come from both leaning it out a bit and the timing advance that comes from backing down the AFM signal.

    gains vary from car to car....especially in cars as old as ours. look for 5-20 rwhp.
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    Default Re: installing tips!

    +1...I work with electronics on a regular bases. I've designed circuits and autonomous robots and stereo systems and while building them, I trust no other method then soldering and heat shrink. Please don't do it any other way.

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    Default Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    This thread will serve as an archive of all MAFT pro questions asked in this forum. I will leave individual threads up for a few days and then merge them into this thread.
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    Default Re: Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    i recently upgraded to v4.8. after upgrading, i did a reset and put in my base settings. and so far everything has been going smoothly except for a few things.

    1) i have my vf signal hooked up to maftpro via aux1. since i installed the pro, ive been experiencing a wierd issue. when i first start the car, the aux1 gets no reading. even after i warm it up, nothing, 0.00V. my afr are a bit high around 15-16 at idle and the ecu doesnt compensate very well during cruising. if i shut the car off after its warmed up, and start it again, everything is fine and i get a vf reading around 2.3-2.4V. anyone else having this problem.

    2) about 2 days ago my vf signal started reading a little higher than usual (after i restart the car when it warms up). it used to stay around 2.3-2.4. all of a sudden its around 3.2 at idle, and goes up to 4.43 once i start driving. and it stays pegged 4.43 even after i stop driving. now my afr at idle is around 13.6 at idle. i havent changed any fuel pressure or settings except boost control. cant seem to figure out what happened to change this.

    3) does anyone know where to get a quick start guide for v4.8. i know the settings are similar to v4.4 but there are a few other features that im not familiar with.

    4)and finally, in tunerpro, i dont know how to create a new bin file. or where to get a bin file for v4.8.

    any help would be great. ive been searching everywhere for some answers but have come up with nothing. i am trying to get these kinks ironed out before the etown meet this saturday.
    thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    links dont work can someone fix them?

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    Default Re: Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    Still some broken links:

    "Maft Pro Install with wiring diagrams for Pre and Post 89 & 89+ HAC Mod

    And I need to find the HAC mod... ugh.
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