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Thread: 7M Bolt On Turbos

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    Default 7M Bolt On Turbos

    The most obviously bolt-on turbo for the 7MGTE is of course the one it came with - the CT26.

    CT26 (stock):
    Compressor Inducer: 1.75"
    Compressor Exducer: 2.559"
    Turbine Minor: 1.97"
    Turbine Major: 2.36"

    Good for approx ~31lb/min (about 450cfm) of airflow, around 13.5psi. I would not exceed 13.5psi, though you will hear of people pushing 20psi. If you want the turbo to last, do not exceed 13.5psi.

    CT26 Upgraded:
    The CT26 upgrade is great for those on a budget, or if you want a super-fast spool. The upgrade consists of sending your stock turbo off to a turbocharger shop, and having them bore out the compressor inlet to fit a larger compressor wheel into the CT26. Generally, T04e wheels are used, though I have heard of T04b wheels being used. Bang for the buck, it is hard to beat the upgraded CT26.

    The downside to that great spool, is you still have the restrictive exhaust.

    Upgrade levels one may choose from:
    50 trim - Considered the most reliable upgrade.
    Compressor Inducer: 2.12"
    Compressor Exducer: 3.00"
    The T04e 50 trim wheel is rated @ 44lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

    57 trim CT26 - The most popular upgrade, while still being very reliable.
    Compressor Inducer: 2.23"
    Compressor Exducer: 2.95"
    The T04e 57 trim wheel is rated @ ~40lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 60% efficiency at that point. Raymond Khublal in Orlando, FL has laid down 422.1 rwhp/460.2 rwtq as shown on 7Mpower.com with this turbo.

    60 trim - Not to be confused with the 60-1 upgrade, this is a less reliable variation of the 57 trim. More power is to be expected from the 60trim vs the 57trim.
    Compressor Inducer: 2.29"
    Compressor Exducer: 2.95"
    The T04e 60 trim wheel is rated @ ~46/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

    60-1 (T04b) The 60-1 is a T04b wheel, and the biggest I have personally seen on a CT26. The least reliable upgrade, but has made the most known power.
    Compressor Inducer: 2.324"
    Compressor Exducer: 2.95"
    The T04b 60-1 wheel is rated @ 56lbs/min @ 2.0PR, and 65% efficiency at that point.

    Something to keep in mind - these wheels are rated at a specific flow WITHIN their own respective compressor covers. The CT26 cover is small, so you will not get the 56lbs/min you want with the 60-1. This also holds true with the T04e 50 trim - it seems the best on paper, but I have yet to see one crack 350hp. I would love to see a 20psi run on a tuned 50 trim, to find out if that larger exducer is holding it back or not.

    Finally adding links so that people can pick up the turbo they want easily! More to come, stay tuned
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