Thanks to supra_supra & loki2043, here is a compilation of useful threads that deal with information on the MAFT Pro. If you have another thread that you think should be included in here, feel free to PM me or any of the tech section mods with the URL and description of the thread, if we agree we'll edit this list to include it.

There is a LOT of information here, folks, so get used to reading!

How many Maft Pro in MKIII

Setting up a Maft Pro in AFC mode

Maft Pro setttings and tuning

A newbies guide to setting up Maft pro with Tuner Pro Rt

Maft Pro manual

Maft Pro Tuning thread

Maft Pro Install with wiring diagrams for Pre and Post 89 & 89+ HAC Mod

MAFT-Pro VE Table

writeup: MAFT Pro install for 7M-GE

MAFT Pro - N/A install - Translator Mode

MAFT running..Now just needs tuning

Gain Adjustment Worksheets - SAFR, SAFC I, II & NEO, MAFT Pro & GenII ?

Maft pro question
MAFT software question? please help
MAFT PRo Timing Monitor Setup Q's?

MAFT problem