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Thread: 1JZ places for tech/swap and parts

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    can someone please help me out..pm me in case I cant find this link again...I have a 1jzgte out of a supra, I am trying to make it a stand alone harness because I am trying to put it in a fox body mustang..my problem is that I have this wiring done ( https://www.facebook.com/JzSwapWirin...type=1&theater ) (copy and paste) and it still will not start up..i just had the engine and trans in a 91 Toyota pickup truck and I pulled it out because the truck was alittle more beat up then I cared for..i was putting the engine setup in a 88 mk3 supra but it was wrecked bad in rear so I pulled back out so please don't hate for the swap im doing now haha
    any help on what im missing just to get this thing to start back up again I appreciate very much, I have looked and looked and cant find anything on just doing a simple stand alone harness setup that can go in any car..thanks for any help again

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    I have not seen anything here for quite some time. I'll see what i can do about some of the links and updating info.
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    Default Re: 1JZ places for tech/swap and parts

    Hi, just reading this as well. The updated links would be very appreciated


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