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Thread: 7MGTE Oil pressure system.

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    Default Re: 7MGTE Oil pressure system.

    Clueless idiot here

    Ugh, that oil incident brings back memories. You'd think someone in my biz would keep an eye on gauges but I sure failed that night. Ran it on the highway about 8 miles sans lube. Only when it shut off did I realized something was wrong and the engine could not be turned over again until cold. Yes, I ran it another 40K miles with nothing more than a slight ticking in the valve train. If anyone is wondering the lost oil was Mobil One.

    Great to see these cars are being kept alive. Although mine is long gone I enjoyed having it as a DD for nearly 25 years. Still miss it at times. Anyway, hope everyone here who remembers me is doing well. I'm retired these days and almost never stop by.
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    Default Re: 7MGTE Oil pressure system.

    ^ Hello again jetjock.
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