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Minimum bachelors in your field of interest: Chemical, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering.

Its possible to move up with just a Bachelors but takes longer and not quite as high.

Lots of people here with masters degrees and phd's as well required for senior engineers / managers / ect..

Yeah the pay is good, but benefits are beginning to go in the shitter.
I believe there are lots of companies that are doing this though across the board, not just us.
They keep passing more and more of the cost of health insurance and retirement related expenses to the worker.

I talk with some of these older employees that started working early enough to receive a pension when they retire.
They complain their pension fund stopped growing a few years ago when they eliminated it.
When they retire they can expect to receive social security, their 401k and a pension combined, plus any side investments if they did that.
They don't seem to fully understand that the younger work force will never even see a pension in their lifetime.

Will be interesting to see in the future how this all plays out.
I anticipate a huge amount of now currently young workforce that will enter retirement and have saved nearly nothing.

I don't expect to receive anything from social security by the time I retire, in 30 years the baby boomers will have likely drained that dry as well.

Anyway rant/ over.
That went way off topic. lol
No that's cool I enjoy these off topic rants every now and then. Keeps me motivated to actually do something with my life.

So back to the battery. They put it on the charging unit only to find out the battery is in fact bad. Will get a new one most likely next week. Then back to figuring out the fuel problem.