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Thread: Should I get this turbo?

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    Default Should I get this turbo?

    Hey everyone. My brother has an mk4 and I'm thinking about buying his used turbo which has 3k miles on it. The turbo is: Borg Warner S362 FMW (forged milled wheel), .91 a/r, welded v-band by Full-Race. What are people's thoughts on this turbo?
    My current is a turbonetics pt62 - making 410whp and has almost reached the end of its life.
    Any insights are helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Should I get this turbo?

    Ya that is a good turbo. But I would switch out the 91 housing for a divided .83. They just started machining smaller housing larger to fit that turbo which is nice.

    Buddy's 1j just did 410hp on 91 and it's was a pretty hot day

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    Default Re: Should I get this turbo?

    BW are reliable but man all BW are lazy turbos.
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