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Thread: For those of you that have multiple Supras

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    Default For those of you that have multiple Supras

    Do you use/appreciate both or does one get neglected? Do you find that you use or have built them differently and each server unique roles or the same and your trade off or tend to only drive one?

    I have an 89 Targa 7M 5spd that I have had for about 12 years since I was just out of high school. I will admit I am a bit sentimentally attached to the car but it has been apart more than on the road due to my significant goals for the car and lack of time.It is currently making 450 on a stock + mls rebuild w/boss turbo my ultimate plans have always been to do a unique high hp 7M build with something like a holset VGT or compound setup. (have fabrication abilities). I have had this stuck in my head because I take pride in having built something and despise the young'in just swap it attitude that is prevalent these days.

    The thought of 2jz vvti swapping the car has seriously crossed my mind recently. The 7M desired state will take years with the current time constraints and not driving it is starting to wear me down.

    I just found a 91 HT 2jz vvti swapped car that appears to be quite clean. Its built similar to what I would do if I went that route and has a shadow grey int which I have been searching for to swap to the 89. (I think ultimate goals would still a high caliber hi-comp vvti with either holset VGT, compounds or at least QSV and T-56). If we ever get E85 here

    So I am contemplating picking this up and selling my 89.... only problem is I don't know if I can do it.

    1. I know I am attached to the 89, many late nights with my dad and buddies on the car as well as meet memories.

    2. Not sure how I do or will really feel about ditching my 7M goals (or stubbornness) and on top of it moving to a car I didn't build (at least for now) - will it be less satisfying or will actually driving outweigh it.

    3. I appreciate the rareness + performance benefits of Hardtop but think I will also miss the awesome feeling of cruising with the top off (not the wet noodle part)

    The other option would be to sell my daily (Evo X) in lieu of something cheaper and more boring and have two supra's. I could financially keep all three but its really not practical to be honest. I also have not got out and auto-crossed/road-coursed the evo like I had intended, same time contraints

    CLIFFS: I have an 89 7M targa and am looking at picking up a 91 2JZ VVTI HT and either selling the 89 or keeping both and selling my daily (EVO X) for a cheaper/ more boring Vehicle. Looking for personal experiences on multiple vehicles, Thoughts, ect.

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    Default Re: For those of you that have multiple Supras

    For most people I think driveway/parking space is limited or they would have multiple cars and projects. When I had my 87 non turbo and just got my 87 turbo, the 87 non turbo did sit more that it should have. Personally I think one of the best combos to have a stock 2nd gen Lexus GS300 and keep the mk3 Supra driven on the side for fun which is what I do. You can test the waters with for-sale ad's with your Supra and see if you can get what you think it's worth but I would only do that once you go over top to bottom the 91 you are looking at.
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    Default Re: For those of you that have multiple Supras

    I've had multiple cars for the last 10 or so years. During that time I've had multiple MK3s a few different times. One always got neglected and both suffered a slower progress. I've never even been close to having one "finished" mk3.

    While the appeal of multiples cars is hard to ignore, the reality is that it takes more time and money than most of us have to even get one MK3 into great shape (See Ken Henderson's recent red car as an example of a "finished" car, IMO). Having multiple just makes it that much harder to get either one where it should be.

    I had a 90 targa GE-GTE swap 7M. I sold it when I found a clean 91 turbo, manual hardtop and switched to the 91 chassis. I'm glad I did, but holy shit did I lose money and progress giving up that 90. It was the right decision, but the funds from that sale are gone and I still have a stock 91 with a pile of parts I may not get to use for a year or more.

    In the end, it's a labor of love and it's how I choose to spend my free time. The 91 will be up to my standards at some point and it'll be a better car than the 90 could ever be.

    I'd go for the 91.

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    Default Re: For those of you that have multiple Supras

    What happens is you end up wanting to have them all complete and in top working order and it leaves you having spent more than you wanted to and with less actual time in the drivers seat (actually enjoying the cars) to show for it because you're spending more time in the garage working on them.

    So if your top hobby is working on the cars and not using them then it might be for you.
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    Default Re: For those of you that have multiple Supras

    haha the only way is if you pay someone for one of the projects... Which is going to be my sc300
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