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Thread: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

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    Default My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    So we needed to get some parts for a 2002 Altima. We ordered a coil pack and injector for a misfire code.

    The parts were on order and in the mean time, I disassembled the car and found out the plug holes had oil, which meant I did not need the parts that were ordered. I got a valve cover instead.

    When the parts came in, a couple days later, we requested a return shipping label, still in the return window and original packaging, with our order, and sent out both parts in the one box with the return slip Rockauto provided. When the item showed delivered status I got a refund for only one item, the injector.

    I called and asked about the refund for my coil pack and to my surprise, I was told it would be looked into. I have now called twice and they give me the same answer. They have had over two weeks to do this and nobody is even remotely trying to refund me. It is now approaching a month.

    I saw the commercial and as a forum member, decided to try them out but this is unbelievable to wait this long to be refunded for an item I returned and then being told the same thing over and over with no help.

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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    I ordered two new hood struts from them for my 91 MKIII. I put them on, and they were worse than my old ones. They didn't even try to hold my hood up. I didn't send them back. I just threw them away and decided not to order from them again.



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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    I always had great experiences with Rock auto until I recently bought a starter that didn't work. For some reason it would not engage my flywheel. After installing it multiple times and re-installing my old one to verify nothing else was the problem enough time had passed that I was outside the return period - even though the part was faulty.

    I could only get store credit.

    I'm not sure that was Rock Auto's fault that I got a bum unit (reman'd Denso), but their black and white policy of "sorry, you can't get any credit for that broken part we sent you" was pretty crappy. I was punished for planning my car work ahead of time.

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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    That's disappointing to hear so many bad experiences.

    I must be lucky.
    Have placed probably 30-40 orders through them.
    Always have had very fast shipping and zero issues with the parts.

    Could be that I never have bought anything more complex than brakes / bearings / seals ect..

    Lately I have been moving away from ordering from them simply due to the shipping cost that keeps rising through them.
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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    I've literally ordered over 50k in parts over the last few years with absolutely zero issues.

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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    ive been ordering from them from them for many years and they have definitely gotten much larger in the past few years, and with that happening i have had several orders messed up. ive ordered things that looked like theyve been kicked around a warehouse for the last 20 years, somethings were completely wrong, but what i can say is they have always replaced it or taken it back no problem. ive found myself trying to find things locally now just in case i need to return something its not much of a hassle.

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    Default Re: My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    I have never ordered a bad part, aside from ordering a bad part and not wanting to pay for quality. Not the Supra. That isn't Rock Auto at fault. It is the same as Advanced or other places. There is always somebody who walks in and says, "don't you have one that is cheaper?". Just don't buy those parts.

    I am generalizing, and our samples of one like we all do do not make a pattern.
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