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Thread: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

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    Kentucky (NKY)

    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    Awesome thread.
    State: Northern Kentucky
    Name: Robert
    Shop: NO shop at the moment
    Phone: 859-824-1181
    Tools: Usual tools, jack, jack stands, hoist, air compressors, some air tools, ramps. No Lift
    Time OK to Call: Afternoon usually better but if you need me immediately or to borrow something Call Anytime.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    Sweet thread.

    STATE: North Carolina, Pittsboro Area 27312 (just south of Chapel Hill, NC)
    NAME: Jeff Tamulis
    SHOP: Hybrid Motorsports
    PHONE: 919-342-5129
    TOOLS / SERVICES: I have a large assortment of tools, welder, car trailer,
    A half dying truck to pull the trailer 8-). And a large assortment of Supra
    parts, and turbos/upgrades, etc. The works.

    TIME OK TO CALL: Any time, if I don't pick up leave a message.
    www.NotRice.com <-- Hybrid Motorsports: Supra Parts Online

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Southwest Arkansas, Glenwood(near Hot Springs)
    NAME: Tom
    SHOP: My carport, access to a couple of shops in town
    PHONE: 870-356-4722
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Most automotive tools, welder, no lift. Gas cans. Hydraulic jack, ramps, etc.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Best to call during "normal waking hours" 8am-midnight
    If I can't help you I can at least point you in the right direction in the area
    1987 Turbo Hardtop, 5spd,57trim ct26 ,BIC DDP , 3 inch mandrel bent stainless exhaust, Rebic LC, Profec B
    1984 P-type, 5mge,ported/polished, 5 speed, 2.5inch exhaust SOLD
    Daily Driver: 2005 Z71 ext. cab, 310hp 5.3 liter
    Toy: 1982 Monte Carlo (full cage) 357cid 11:1, powerglide, 6.80 9" ford w/full spool, "hobbystock" dirt track car Now with ported/polished angle milled "stock" heads

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    state: south eastern washington north eastern oregon (tri-cities) area
    Name: David
    Shop: My garage
    Phone: (509)-308-7216
    Tools/Services: fairly full tool box jack jacstands air
    Time to call: anytime if I don't answer leave a message and I'll get back to you.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE :Northern California / Bay Area
    Name : Moe
    Phone : 650-430-6344
    TOOLS/SERVICES : Most tools to fix a Supra or any other car.
    TIME TO CALL : If you are in a jam, I'll help ya out.Just don't rob me.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Oak Park Michigan
    NAME: Adam
    SHOP: No shop...
    PHONE: 1-248-259-6835 cell phone
    TOOLS / SERVICES: basic tools. to do anything with. engine hoist, jacks,jackstands, compressure , welding machine. have done headgaskett and engine/tran swaps as well
    TIME OK TO CALL: anytime since it is my cell phone... this is going threw me and for me and a buddy. who has all the tools. anytime is kewl and if your stranded or anything keep calling!

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Southern California, Bellflower
    NAME: Mike or Eric
    SHOP: Home Garage
    PHONE: 562-964-8136, 714-612-1817
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Full automotive, fabrication, welding
    TIME OK TO CALL: Any time. Leave a message if no one picks up.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    State: Riverside, California
    Name: Aaron
    Shop: home
    Phone: 909-499-2642
    Tools/services: Almost a full shop worth including air tools and welding,... just no lift.
    Time to call: anytime for emergency or noon to 2am

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    I dont see anyone here posted up from Oregon so I'll chime in:

    STATE: Oregon, (Mid Valley, Corvallis)
    NAME: Pete
    SHOP: Covered gated parking, access to a garage if needed.
    PHONE: 505-553-8118 (the number is a cell and is still a NM number but Im in OR
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Basic tools, Jacks stands, willing to mobile service (gas, jumper cables, roadside repairs)
    TIME OK TO CALL: Anytime. Im a full time internet junkie.
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    The more I learn about women the more I like cars

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Mississippi, Brookhaven(central mississippi below jackson
    NAME: Chris
    SHOP: Victory Lane Motorsports- Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda specialists...
    PHONE: 601-754-2444
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Hand tools, power tools, Lift, mig welder, Plasma Cutter, torch, Ac/Dc welder, And a TON of mk3 parts on hand.
    TIME OK TO CALL: After 9 pm until 3-4 am is cool..... 4am till 9 are my sleeping hours


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