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Thread: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Wisconsin, Marshall (right by I-94, close to I-90 and Madison)
    NAME: Tom Jr.
    SHOP: Personal 6 car garage + 2 car garage
    PHONE: 608-577-5791 cell
    TOOLS/SERVICES: MIG welder, jacks, Air tools & compressor, body hammers and dollies, engine assembly tools, drill press, angle grinder and bench grinder, 1/4-1/2" drive sockets sae and metric normal and deepwell, torque wrenches, spring compressor. Have access to a hydraulic press as well. Everything that you need to tear down and build back up a mk3. 2 years welding experience.
    TIME TO CALL: Any time.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    Bay Area, CA
    Garage, tools, engine lift, air compressor, some pneumatics.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Upstate New York. (near kingston, saugerties, red hook, tivoli, clermont, etc..

    NAME: Shaeff

    SHOP: my garage. (one open bay where my supra lives)

    PHONE: (845)-797-9250

    TOOLS / SERVICES: Most automotive tools, welder, machine shop equipment. Gas cans. Hydraulic jacks, stands, floor jack, lots of extra supra parts, oxygen/settelene torches, mig welder, ramps, my truck, engine stand, electric winch ideal for pulling motors, large air compressor, air tools, etc. No lift

    TIME OK TO CALL: whenever you break down! (i work 7pm-5am) but other than that, i'm home, or at my girl's house only a few miles away.
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    edit* I actually have almost no tools ATM, so I would be pretty useless for anyone in need of assistance.
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: California, Vacaville / Fairfield area.
    NAME: Chris
    SHOP: None, but i have a driveway!
    PHONE: (707) 718-7342
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Basic tools and electrical tools.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Anytime, if you get my voicemail just do what it says. Im usually at work or school. I work 7 days a week so im not sure how helpful that is.
    01 Triumph TT600 - Current
    91 Toyota Supra - Sold.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    NAME: Ross Fraser
    LOCATION: Mechanicsville, VA (home)/ Blacksburg, VA (school)
    TOOLS: full box, air tools (but not my own air, do have access), jack, stands, ramps, scanner,
    CONTACT: (804) 938-6889 i usually don't answer numbers i don't recognize but leave a message and i'll call back... anytime is good
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    State: Northern New Jersey (newark)
    Name: Cecilio aka Cee
    Shop: NONE
    Phone: 973-519-1189
    Tools / Services: Handy with finding parts cheap locally. AAA Plus for those stranded with out $ to tow willing to drive 20 miles in any direction of North Newark for free anything more you'll have to buy me dinner & drink lol
    Time to call: 8AM to 9PM any time after that you can try but i cant say i'll get my lazy ass off the bed.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    State: Wisconsin/Muskego ( Southern part of WI in Waukasha County)
    Name: Marc Shepherd
    Shop: My Garage
    Tools:Usual tools, jacks and stands
    Time to call: Whenever you need to

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Michigan, Brighton and lower Eastern Michigan
    NAME: Pat
    SHOP: Custom Supra Engines (Machine and engine shop in the basement, Garage for major labor)
    PHONE: 269-271-4229
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Most every tool on earth need to make or fix any problem. I specialize in engine building. Have great experience building and tearing down supra's.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Call Any time, no answer leave one.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    State: DFW/ Deep East Tx area
    Name: Joe
    Shop: whereever theres space!
    Phone: 214-226-3966
    Tools / Services: Average assortment of tools. If I don't have it on hand i know someone who probibly does
    Time to call: anytime for a supra owner! if i dont pick up right off the bat call the police as i am probibly dead
    Mods: Ron R. Custom FFIM, Rota P45F/R's (18x8.5/18x9.5) ,HKS VPC/550S, HKS GCC,HKS 1.2MM MHG, HKS EVC I, HKS SSQV, HKS Super Drager, HKS Type 1 Jap spec TT, 2.5in hardpipes, big FMIC, SPEC Stage 3, JT61GT(prototype), Lucas 550cc Injectors, S&B intake, Test pipe, BIC DP, APR Headbolts, Koyo Racing radiator,Trust Strut bar w/ custom powdercoated ends, Aeromotive AFPR, Walbro, Catch Can...
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