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Thread: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

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    Default The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    Ok guys, I just remembered that we had this before the hack...

    Its a list of every one that feels they can contribute to helping a fellow supra owner who breaks down in thier neck of the woods, driving supra or not.

    This list is only to have your information on it. DO NOT START POSTING CRAP IN THIS STICKY OR I WILL REMOVE IT AT ONCE.

    I'll start:

    STATE: Indiana, Southern and Central Indianapolis Area
    NAME: Jon
    SHOP: MDC Motorsports
    PHONE: 812-343-0052
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Most automotive tools, welder, machine shop equipment. No lift. Gas cans. Hydraulic jack, ramps, etc.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Any time. If no answer and its an emergency, just burn it up!
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    Im here, but the business is gone.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    LOCATION: Phila. PA
    Name: Jay
    Phone: 267-972-5796
    Tools: the usuals, depending on when might have access to shop. lots of jacks and stands.
    Time to call: anytime before 2:00 and after 10:30pm

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Indiana, Central & Heart of the Hoosier state. (Indianapolis)
    NAME: Jeff Lee
    SHOP: My own personal garages.
    PHONE: 317-395-8362
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Typical garage/shop tools, jacks, ramps, and all the space you'll need! Will work on anything that needs workin'!
    TIME OK TO CALL: Whenever you feel the need! I have a weird and very limited sleeping schedule.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Portland, Texas...Corpus Christi area (South Texas)
    NAME: Johnny D
    SHOP: Johnny D's driveway and garage services.
    PHONE: cell 361 633 1320
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Most automotive tools, jack, jack stands, air compressor, various air tools...most tools to rebuild an engine. No Lift.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Anytime is an OK time to call...dont be discouraged if i dont pick up..it means im sleeping or in a meeting or dealing with a client. leave a message and/or try again if its a major emergency.
    NObama '08

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    State: Chicago(south side), Illinois or Dekalb, illinois during fall/winter/spring
    Name: Rob
    Shop: my garage
    Phone: 708-359-3292
    Tools/services: Good sized collection since my dad was a mechanic, no aircompressor though
    Time ok to call: any time is ok....if i dont pickup leave a messege....i usually dont pick up right away if i dont recognize the number
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    NAME: Matt
    SHOP: Garage
    PHONE: 262 5105013
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Basic 200 peice set, nothing fancy. Jackstands / spring compressor.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Any time.
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: MA. TDC, gardner area
    NAME: Kurt
    SHOP: Garage..sort of, it's full at the moment... concrete slab as well
    PHONE: [978]895.2981
    TIME OK TO CALL: I work 8-5, so any time before/after that. Still can call if I'm in work and I'd do my best to help. If uber late, then call a few times... leave a message.. whatever.
    TOOLS/Services: enough to do what I'm doing to my car No air, no lift.
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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE Texas, Houston area
    NAME Wayne
    SHOP My garage
    PHONE 713-894-2936
    call anytime, if you are stranded you need help, so anytime is fine
    most mechanics tools
    91 mkIII Super White Targa, 1jz Twin Turbo, Sard ECU, Prosport peak and hold EGT gauge, peak and hold boost gauge, peak and hold fuel pressure gauge, Innovative W/B, Lotek 3 gauge pod, Aeromotive RRFPR, Walbro GSS 341, Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust, Do-luck RXB, Tien Flex coilovers, Tien EDFC electronic coilover dampening controller, AFC NEO, HID bi-xenon headlamps, HID foglamps, Koyo aluminium radiator, ST sway bars, Evolution light weight Flywheel, Shaftmasters 1 piece aluminum driveshaft, Alpine CDA-9887 head unit, Focal K2 Power 165 KF separates and PPI 450.

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Massachusetts, South of Boston.
    NAME: Jason
    SHOP: Own garage/large driveway.
    PHONE: 781-267-0681
    TOOLS / SERVICES: Basic tools, collection always growing. jacks. stands. welding experiance but no welder at the moment.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Anytime after 1pm(when I get out of school)

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    Default Re: The Breakdown Connection Hotline

    STATE: Broward County, Fl. (Just north of Miami)
    NAME: Casey
    SHOP: Speedee Oil Change on the corner of St. Rd. 84 and University
    PHONE: 954-829-3545
    TOOLS / SERVICES: All my tools are where my Supra is. But if it's at Speedee, we have an unlimited selection, jacks, a lift, if we dont have it, we'll go out and buy it.
    TIME OK TO CALL: Anytime. I usually dont answer if I don't know the number but will check the message right after the call. So leave a message and I'll call you right back.


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