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Thread: Transmission flush help

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    Default Transmission flush help


    I hope I can get help from respected forum members on transmission flush. I am not the most technically inclined Supra owner, so please bear with me...

    Today I drained and filled the tranny fluid and I noticed an amazing improvement in car's performance (to put it mildly). Old fluid wasn't dark, but was getting there and the tranny had been overfilled by previous owner's mechanic (which caused a number of performance issues). Now everything is performing admirably, but now I want to flush the system.

    I understand that the process involves disconnecting the supply line from the cooler to the tranny (one of the two lines connecting into the cooler) and pouring fresh tranny fluid through the dipstick tube at the rate of the outflow, which will circulate the fresh liquid through the system, cooler and push the old fluid out into the waste collection pan, but I have no clue where the transmission oil cooler is and which line is the one I have to disconnect and run to a waste collector (i.e. which is the supply line to the tranny). I have searched TSRM transmission section and I used Google search but I did not find it. I hope it's not something obvious and that I havent wasted anyone's time, but I really appreciate your help.

    While you're helping with the obvious, any tips or personal experiences with this process you don't mind sharing would also be appreciated!
    My Supra is a Mk3 with a 7M-GE and an automatic transmission, one of the very first ones made (86.5 MY).

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Transmission flush help

    Even though this was asked back in July, I will put in a few points. It isn't in the repair manual because in general, it isn't needed. 26 years ago if owners did a drain and fill at the recommended intervals, the trans would be in much better condition. The cooler is integral to the radiator, if you haven't seen it by now. A shop with a flush machine can do it for a nice sum of money. The machine puts in what it takes out.
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