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Thread: Post your ECU Maps!

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    Default Post your ECU Maps!

    Hey guys,

    I think it would be a good idea to have an updated database of Fuel and Ignition Timing maps for reference.
    There are some old threads out there with broken links so to prevent in the future a direct upload from computer would be best.
    Post up:

    Engine, ECU, Relevant Mods, Tuning method (Professional/Self/Dyno/Street)
    AFR target Map
    Fuel Map
    Ignition Timing map.

    If anyone has the stock engine maps, put them up and ill update this post to include them to start off.
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    Default Re: Post your ECU Maps!

    Problem with that is engines should be tuned independently to each other. All conditions will not be the same unless built the same with all the same parts with the same conditions.

    So one guy might be running 17* timing and another person might go this guy is running that so I can run that and then runs that and melts a piston.

    Also some people pay for tunes so sometimes they don't want to.

    But if anyone wants to go for it. Just don't take any responsibility for anything other than a reference.

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