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Thread: Please Help Me : Wiring Connector Identification

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    Exclamation Please Help Me : Wiring Connector Identification

    Hi There:

    Trying to put an 88 MA70 back together.

    Main Hurdles:

    - had a kid since unplugging everything, memory is poor
    - a/c and other items are gone, so some of these don't plug into anything anyways
    - previous owner(s) made a mess, shit was spliced/cut everywhere
    - don't have an assembled car to look at

    Please help me to double check the ID of these plugs
    All are near battery at drivers front of engine bay.
    Car is 1988 7MGTE R154 with ABS before it was bastardized.

    #1 a/c condenser fan ???
    #2 2 pins, pink + purple no clue ???
    #3 this definitely seems to be for the a/c compressor
    #4 I would presume this is for igniter or fuel pump relay ???
    #5 Now it gets fun. These got snipped by a prior owner. I think the thick wires are the starter solenoid trigger (fairly sure) and other thick black wire ???
    There is also a bundle of one each yellow black and white with red dots, I have some ideas on that but ???
    #6 Round plug. Wires are all blue with various stripes and dots amongst them.
    #7 Flat plug, one terminal. 2 blue wires share the single connector. Looks as though it may not have been plugged in in the first place.
    #8 One each thick wires white, black, two smaller wires, blue each with varied stripes/dots

    Paypal Cash Reward offered for concise and accurate explanations for all 8!

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    Default Re: Please Help Me : Wiring Connector Identification

    Have you given cygnusx1.net a visit? While the wiring diagrams are for a '90, most of the stuff is the same, probably down to the wire colour and plug shape.


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