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Thread: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

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    Default Re: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    we now have full swap kits for JZ and 7M MK3 supras twin disc and single disc clutches. If your interested please contact me on facebook, instagram or email me at Jason@cbfperformance.net.

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    Default Re: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    what's the price?

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    Default Re: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    Here is the full list with the different options for clutches and driveshafts.

    Adapter plate with hardware $550
    Clutch masters twin disc with hardware $2300
    Spec twin disc $1800
    Single disc flywheel $550
    Chromoly driveshaft with adapters $700
    Aluminum driveshaft $550
    Mk3 shifter $380
    Trans mount $30
    Trans crossmember $150
    Pilot bushing adapter with pilot bushing $40
    CSC with TOB $250
    Mk3 cluster conversion $250
    Plus shipping

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    Default Re: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    So I talked to Jason here's an update.

    He's using an Auto ring and pinion gear to lower the final drive. Sorced from wier performace its the 3.55 gear set I believe on tubo autos.

    R154 plate adapter allows you use JZ bell hosuing and bolt it to the CD009 after you cut off the original bell hosuing
    The Adapter plate allows you to bolt the orignal bellhosing to a JZ engine without a new bell housing.

    Waiting on answers how the Speedo adapter works for mk3's since they are mechanical

    Waiting on answers regarding flywheel weight as a light flightweel is great for reving but shit for daily driving as you stall alot because of no weight to forgive for bad clutch engagements also generally transmits lots of noice a low RPM 1000-1500 in a low gear.
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    Default Re: Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    Any update ? Just curious how it will end up.

    I still think even the later Nissan CD009 edition 6 speed trans should be kept under 700lbs of torque...around 800-900hp depends on the power setup of each car.
    The R154 has been in the global automotive life for exactly 3 decades and has proven it's self as far as power level. A healthy oem stock,properly working,around 100-150k miles, with Redline MT90 juice inside, and the proper clutch kit will hold 650-700lbs of torque....and all that, under the heavy mk3 Supra chassis!
    We all know a performance company used the CD009 6 speed and boosted 1000hp with it...but that's old news for some mk3's with the R154, and to mention some of the 1000hp mk3s had the long stroke big torque 7M engine to boost the 4 digit amount of horsepower. So, don't question the today's price of an old used R transmission which is around $2000+.
    Anyway, I would love to see how the Nissan 6 speed gearbox is gonna move the mk3 tank! Don't forget people that the Z370 chassis with the later more durable CD009 transmission weights 3230lbs around 300lbs lighter than the mk3.

    I went with the V160. I just finished my swap and did it 100% properly and everything works like oem. Of course it reached the $8000 mark with everything.
    $5000 the used V160, $1200 the used HKS triple clutch kit, $600 the JZA80 TT V160/JZA70 TT R154 hybrid customized two piece driveshaft retaining the (new oem) mk3 center bearing and mk4 mid bearing shaft spline, $200 a modified R154 transmission crossmember , and another $1000 for misc. stuff like new clutch hub bearing kit, new V160 shifter, new boot rubbers and leather trim, shifter knob , custom speedometer ODM unit to make the oem mk3 speedometer work properly, and custom exterior hall sensor ring for the ABS sensor, etc. Last , in the making...the lower rear differential 3.5 ring and pinion with a rebuilt LSD and diff in general. And of course we can go 'lower' by increasing the tire/wheel diameter. I think I will reach the 3.2-3.3 mark with my setup..hopefully!

    Best setup would be a V160 with 3.55 rear diff and 285-40/18" , where you can cruise at 3000 rpms in 6th gear with 87mph (139km/h) actual speed,while the speedo gauge will indicate slightly more.
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