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it would be awesome if you could send me a base map I'm new the any form of tuning but took a lightly used aem v2 6050 Honda box with harness from driftmotion as a trade for an engine as the kid blew his 7mgte needless to say one look i knew the fuel map was shit and i wont start my car on said calibrations as i don't want to blow my engine up as well any help would be awesome currently fresh rebuild stock injectors 2.5in fmic from driftmotion 3in divorced downpipe areomotive fuel pressure regulator set to 38psi at idle with vac line hooked up stock ct26 but i will be changing it on Monday for an unknow sized ct comp ball bearing turbo/boss series jr turbine housing for factory manifold but if you send me a stock setup or a 550cc setup I'm sure i can make it work cant be worse then what was on it
PM me your email so we can talk and make sure this one will work for you