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Thread: Need a little help MAFT PRO

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    Default Need a little help MAFT PRO

    Hi guys, hate to ask.

    Simple question: If you want the story, read below. For those that don't care I'll toss the question right below.
    On the MAFT PRO, where do we splice in the purple "splice in boost harness". I have an 84 with an 89 7mgte swapped in. I'm not sure what component I connect it to. I can't remember seeing any "boost control" components.

    Long story:
    First car, went to 7MGTE and bit off way too much at one time. BBK, Suspenion, Fuel, Wheels, blah blah blah all at once. I pretty much finished it, but it wouldn't turn over. I ran out of time and went to school and didn't have the coin or time to work on it. Now I'm settled at a different school and have the money again to play with the car. A little more mature I've ripped out the mickey mouse shit and am going to try and bring it to it's former glory. I have plans to ship it out to another member in a week or two for some electrical work and in the mean time I want to prep the car so he doesn't commit suicide at first sight of the current state. therefore the maftpro splice in question.

    I'll leave this thread open for any questions we have over the next month or two.
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    Default Re: Need a little help MAFT PRO

    Stock there is no boost control solenoid, you'll need to add one to make it work. The wiring uses 2 wires though, purple (pin 8) and pink (Pin 7) on the 8 pin connector.

    Full Throttle has the harness and Solenoid
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