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Thread: thinking of a gun to buy..

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    Default Re: thinking of a gun to buy..

    Quote Originally Posted by SupraMario View Post
    Yep, front middle is 12oclock, and it just goes around you. 4oclock is a little after my right hip, it's very comfortable there. As for in the car, it comes out and goes into the holster between the center console and driver seat. You really don't want to be driving around with it on you anyways, as if someone comes up to car jack you, your not going to be able to access your firearm, with it being out and right next to your right or left hand (if you stick it in the door side), you've got basically instant access.
    Thanks for the explanation. Not terribly worried about being car-jacked where I live (there's more guns than people here, no joke), but quick access is definitely a good deterrent. Door pockets on the Mk3 just aren't a great spot because they're thin and the opening is fairly short. Mounted between the console and seat is a decent place, yep.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abe's 1987 View Post
    Trying living in my shoes. Don't ask me why I do it I just do it. I carry my wallet, phone, three extra mags, my total 8 inch Beretta, my 4 inch blade fixed knife, and my abundance amount of keys on a daily bases. And yes driving with all that is a bit annoying and a pain in my hip.

    With all that my watch, hat, and clothes on I'm carrying well around 15 to 20 lbs extra
    Oof. Maybe I'm just getting old, but sitting on a pile of metal like that just sounds unpleasant haha. Nothing wrong with being prepared though, and given where you live, worth it I'd say.
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    Default Re: thinking of a gun to buy..

    I carry full size 1911 IWB everyday too. Springfield Armory is on the do not buy list. Unless somebody can show otherwise.

    Springfield has a video with an apology from family member that is the head of the company. And anybody with children who knows what crocodile tears are will recognize what I saw. He did not seem to be honest. To me, he got caught. Which sucks. I have 2 M4s from Rock River and a 1911 from SA.
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