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Thread: ecu master digital tuner 3 on 7MGTE

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    Default Re: ecu master digital tuner 3 on 7MGTE

    Hey guys, I installed the DET3 and everything was working awesome until I set up launch control. I had it wired to a pushbutton next to my shifter with a 5V analog input. Everything worked great until I would reach 4200 rpm full throttle ( right around where my launch was set at) and the engine would break up (spark/timing not sure). As soon as I would turn the feature off everything worked fine again. Pretty sure I did some damage to the engine and had to rebuild it after. Could this be a wiring issue? Should I get the is300 coils? I am still on MAF and had a base tune with wideband. I have ditched the DET3 for now and gone back to SAFC until I can figure this issue out and re-install on my new engine.

    I tried logging the symptoms but It never saved and seemed really hard on the engine when it happened.

    This thread is awesome btw. Helped me out a lot during install and setting up all the tables. Hope you guys are still following it haha.


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    Default Re: ecu master digital tuner 3 on 7MGTE

    Hello everyone, sorry, where are the parameters set to not cut the fuel? thank you




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