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Thread: how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

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    Default Re: how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

    Quote Originally Posted by Satan View Post
    The stock cooler runs along the frontside of the bumper and the in/out is oriented towards the reservoir on the passengerside. When you swap 1j/2J, the PS pump & reservoir is on the opposite side. Now, you run new hose from the reservoir on the driver's side, to the cooler and to the PS Rack. The stock cooler's ports are on the opposite side and the cooler has to be moved in order to accommodate a front-mount intercooler. So, run shorter hoses to an aftermarket cooler and install it behind the IC... I mounted mine on the radiator, facing the A/C condensor. Hope the pics help...

    Ok, sorry, but i need to go back a few pages. I JUST installed a ps cooler and i was HELLA confused as to why my ps lines went from driver to passenger and then back. Now i know, but is it ok to keep it like that? i mean, i've run it like that for almost 2 years now with the stock cooler since i didnt know any better.

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    Default Re: how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

    No reason you cant. It's much less expensive to have a hard line loop around like that than, say, a tube and fin dedicated cooler. For the most part, if they did it from the factory, it should be fine for you. Of course, there are definitely exceptions..
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    Default Re: how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

    I tell everyone to run them.. I run a Permacool 10"x 7" tube and fin right behind my intercooler.
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    Default Re: how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

    big reason power steering systems fail is because of debris and heat. a cooler would help, too large of a cooler will mean longer warm up times (for trans at least, harder shifting) you spent all that money on the swap might as well go for a cooler of some type :P keep in mind earlier p/s 'coolers' consisted of a line looping, sometimes not even going all the way to the passenger side, eventually going all the way, some factory setups have fins built onto the line for other manuf's. dont trust what 500 miles shows for people this is a longevity issue.


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