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Thread: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

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    Default Re: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

    Now look up pressure die casting, it can make extremely strong castings. Combine it with naturally ageing alloys and forged wheels are just a wet dream for street use. If you regularly break wheels you should tighten the nut behind the steering wheel up...
    Steel inserts have been eliminated, not for quality, but for price.

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    Default Re: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

    Quote Originally Posted by Poodles View Post
    Forged wheels tend to be lighter, but design of the wheel also comes into play. Also, unless you're racing, paying 10x as much money for a wheel to lose only a small amount of weight is bonkers IMHO.

    Oh, and I've lifted a forged magnesium F1 wheel....it's spooky light and I swear it would be heavier if it was made of plastic...
    Well, given the width of the wheels/tires I plan to run, I'm trying to offset the weight gain by using a lighter material. I'll lose a bit of weight in the brake setup, but the wheels... I'm nearly doubling the width of the rear wheels, and about 80% larger on the fronts, as well as adding 90mm of tire width... I need to find a good balance so that it comes out as close to stock (or lighter, if at all possible) as I can.

    Hence, why I would kick a grandmother for a set of forged magnesium wheels. Too bad you really can't find anyone who makes them to order.
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    Default Re: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

    Quote Originally Posted by ryansmith View Post
    In the old days when they were perfecting cast aloy wheels they couldnt quite get this right and many old aloy wheels of good quality have steel inserts around the stud holes to strengthin them at this point. He has a set of mid 80s ronal wheels which have these inserts and now these dont seem to be fitted in modern wheels because they have overcome the quality problems they had back in the old days.
    Brand new OEM Ford and GM wheels have those steel inserts where the lugs go through. Not all of them, but I've seen them on a few cars. Mostly on the low end cars with uprated dealer installed wheel packages. I think this is done because the wheel studs are designed for thinner steel wheels and alloy wheels are thicker and usually need longer studs, and if they use steel inserts where the lugs go to spread out the load they can make them thin enough to bolt onto the shorter studs. Since most cars in the old says came with steel wheels and you usually had to buy aluminum or mag wheels aftermarket this also makes sense. The wheels that didn't have the inserts used to use special "mag" nuts like the OEM lugnuts on our Toyotas that have a sleeve that's part of the nut instead of part of the wheel.
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    Default Re: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

    For anyone that thinks Toyota uses Rotas on OEM vehicles outside of the Phillipines, do a quick search of CAPTIN. This is a single Toyota plant in Canada which has an annual production of 3 times Rota's maximum capacity. Rota likes to mislead people with their OEM claims to imply that they are on your mom's Camry. Not the case. Only on Philipines models.

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    Default Re: Rota wheels? Very interesting...

    ^In cambridge here the production is usually 5000 corolla/matrix and 1200 RX330 weekly... rough totals. 1 plant 2 lines...

    I used to work for summitomo inspecting wiring harness' for the RX line for about 18 months, until unrelated hand injury...
    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    Do you have any rough estimate of total build cost to this day?
    Quote Originally Posted by rodel View Post
    You have asked the forbidden question, my friend. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill myself because of the ludicrosity.


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