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Thread: My instrument cluster died...

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    Default My instrument cluster died...

    The Instrument cluster in my 1989 7M-GTE has died.

    Its a digital cluster, only the speedo(&trip meter), clock, warning lights(the ones that are on before start) and the orange lights around the tems indicator work.
    So, no Taco, Temp, boost, tems, oil or fuel guges

    Between it working and not working, I stripped the interior, except the dash, s/w and cluster(stereo etc did come out), changed the turbo(and obvoiusly took out everything connected/related) and brakes, took shocks and diff out out. All the exterior panels in front of the doors have been off as well.
    Everythings back in or replaced, except roof liner,

    I have checked all fuses, power from ecu, checked wires a hundred times, is it possible I have left something unplugged, or something im just not thinking of, or have I fried my cluster?

    any help appreciated

    P.S. if this in the wrong area please relocate, I really need help.
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