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Thread: AEM EMS V2 shuts down when I go into boost, HELP!

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    Default AEM EMS V2 shuts down when I go into boost, HELP!

    Okay, I have 10+ hours on the dyno with my tuner trying to figure this out.

    1. Sent EMS back to AEM for hardware update, fixed 3k ignition stutter
    2. Re-gaped sparkplugs down to 19-20 (AEM recommendation)
    3. disconnected knock sensors and everything not needed for the EMS (incase i was getting a bad signal)
    4. still need to put new fuel filter in but tuner doesn’t think that could be it.

    What it is doing:

    When I go into boost 3-4psi it will kill fuel or ignition (it is not like a misfire/ blow out) it shuts down, I have to turn the ignition off for 5+ seconds and wait for the computer to come back online before it will start again. I think it is sensing a problem and shutting down to save the motor, but after logging runs and sending the tune and logs to AEM and the tuners buddies, everyone says it looks good.

    I go back tomorrow for him to mess with the fazing on the distributer, he thinks it is dropping to much signal??

    here is my set up

    Holset HX40 turbo
    AEM EMS v2 for NA-t
    AEM UEGO wideband
    AEM 3.5 map
    PH fuel pump 360lph
    rx-7 550 injectors
    stock ignition
    stock fuel rail/regulator/lines
    Tail WG/BOV

    here is a link to the build

    and a reference picture

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    Default Re: AEM EMS V2 shuts down when I go into boost, HELP!

    odd...so your ecu looses power and everything turns off? or shuts down like the engine doesn't want to go past your boost setting and then weird stuff starts happening? i have looked at the aem software in-depth and there is really no setting to turn off the ecu in case something goes wrong. would you be willing to upload your cal file?

    also, does the dyno that you are using have a loading function? if so load it to the rpm and play around near the problem point. it will help figure out what's wrong faster rather than doing a full pull.
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