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Thread: Is my distributor shot? Can they be rebuilt?

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    Default Is my distributor shot? Can they be rebuilt?

    I've been working on changing my 7MGE's valve shims. . . I busted one of the buckets, so I went ahead and took off the cams. Since everything was out, I also started cleaning up other things; intake, injectors, iacv, etc... Since the distributor was out, I figured I'd check the rotor and cap. I've noticed that when I rotate the rotor, it doesn't go very smoothly. It feels indexed. I'm assuming that the bearing is shot? Am I in need of a new distributor? Motor was running just fine before. The only thing that I might question is that I would hear three rapid clicks every time that I depressed the accelerator. I thought that that might have just been the dirty/old IACV...
    Can it be rebuilt? Dangers of using it as is? I don't live in a very Toyota-friendly area, so a junkyard is out. New ones seem to be a few hundred dollars. Are they serviceable?

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    Default Re: Is my distributor shot? Can they be rebuilt?

    my distributor did the same thing, I ended up shreadding the bushing that holds the rotor.. get a new one soon or you might get stranded on a random day... you prolly can rebuild it but if i were you id just get a used on off ebay or a junkyard
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    Default Re: Is my distributor shot? Can they be rebuilt?

    Mine did that too. When the bearing goes it makes a really ugly crunching noise and the car starts missing a lot. I'm not sure about in the states but over here in Australia there are a couple of mobs that rebuild them with oversize bearings and bigger seals cos they have a propensity to leak. Either way you need a new one soon

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    Default Re: Is my distributor shot? Can they be rebuilt?

    Even knew they do that (because the Hall Effect sensors)
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