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The text says you need a two wire signal. You can use SP2+/SP2- or SP1/E2 I believe.

I've given you information to help in my previous post. The posts below mine are redundant and useless. You need to figure out if your gauge will work with a 4ppr signal, or just hook it up and see. If your JZ is wired correctly, there should be the SP1 signal going to your dash through the M1 plug. Pink wire if I recall correctly. Or just tap into the SP2 signals assuming your trans has the secondary speed sensor installed. Not all of them do (I'm not sure auto vs manual)

As for the sensors, all the MC unit does is convert the gear to an electronic unit. The signal from the original electronic unit is identical. Don't waste your money.
How are my posts that point him to a known working mechanical to electronic speedo configuration conversion "redundant and useless"? Way to be on your high horse there Ricky Bobby (ifyouaint1sturlast), also doesn't really promote forum discussion by saying things like that.. You did notice that he also asked where to find the mechanical to electronic conversion stuff in the first post, right?

If you need a mechanical unit, post up on the WTB section here.. I actually have an extra one lying around if youre interested, shoot me a PM if you are.