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Thread: new ct26 with shaft play

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    Default Re: new ct26 with shaft play

    Update on this?
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    Default Re: new ct26 with shaft play

    yes i forgot i started a thread lol

    last weekend i finally got around to taking the turbo off(due to family and work life)
    well i took it up to columbus diesel supply near me(they specialize in turbo chargers and special build chargers for pulling tractors)
    a good friend of mine works up there
    had his turbo specialist take a look at it
    told me the in/out play i was feeling was more up/down play rather then in/out
    this makes sense cause everytime i checked turbo it was a little warm so i couldnt really get a could hold onto compressor wheel
    hearing that made me happy
    so i went ahead and had him tear it down and do a inspection
    last tuesday he called with a clean bill of health
    said the turbo was built/balanced very good
    so 50 bucks later i had it installed
    so far turbo has right around 2k miles with atleast 30 12psi pulls in 2nd and 3rd gear
    no smoke and play is the same

    since it got a thumbs up from a well known turbo shop
    i will be using Albert everytime i need a turbo rebuilt or want to buy from him


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