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Thread: S.A. supras metro (gay) blue 87 2jz build

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    Default S.A. supras metro (gay) blue 87 2jz build

    This Is a Craigslist find I picked it up for $800 with no engine, wire harness, or ecu. I initially tried to get someone to buy it but no one wanted to. So I bought it even though I already had two at home(sisters). I really need to stay off cl! I have owned four supras in the last six years, and I'm hoping this will be my last. Time to do it right!

    My last car was a 89 with a 1j. The engine craped out on my so I was left with a car with no engine and a great interior. So since I like the way the metro blue 87 looked on the outside but not the blue interior with the checkered seats. I decided to get the best of both worlds, and put the grey interior in my gay blue car. The colors go well together, I don't know why Toyota didn't do it. I guess the had a lot of ugly blue material to get rid of.

    I plan on building the car up to 600hp in two steps. First is getting the engine in and running then stage two will be cams, fuel system, and stand alone. I also have a lot of parts that I need for my build from my 1j. That should make things easier for me.

    Parts I have so far are. (Running total for those thinking about 2j swap)
    $6934 including the car. The car was $800. Parts and supplies $6134

    0. Car $800
    1. 2jz engine (from jdmsource.com) $2135 shipped to me
    2. Cobra rims (craigslist) $300
    3. Brake master cylinder (Autozone) $55
    4. Clutch master cylinder (Autozone) $45
    5. Slave cylinder (Autozone) $30
    6. Fidanza light weight fw. http://www.clutchflywheel.com/ $330
    7. Act xtreme 6 puck sprung kit http://www.clutchflywheel.com/ $555
    8. 6 injector and 6 coil pack clips http://www.bmotorsports.com/ $85
    9. Bell housing. (Champion toyota supraforums) $300
    10. Toyota gasket set. (Champion toyota supraforums) $390
    11. Toyota water pump. (Champion toyota supraforums) $120
    12. Toyota oil pump. (Champion toyota supraforums) $160
    13. EBay log manifold. (Ebay) $170
    14. 38mm to 44mm wg adapter. (ebay) $25
    15. turbo down pipe kit (driftmotion.com) $135
    16. 1jz flywheel bolts (driftmotion.com) $30
    17. Gates Racing Timing Belt for 2JZ (driftmotion.com) $73
    18. Marlin Crawler Shifter Socket R154 (driftmotion.com) $6
    19. Shifter Bushing For R154 (driftmotion.com) $12
    20. R154 Transmission Output Shaft Seal (driftmotion.com) $10
    21. Redline MT90 Manual Transmission Fluid (driftmotion.com) $11
    22. Split Loom 1.25 inch (driftmotion.com) $12
    23. R154 Input Shaft Seal (driftmotion.com) $10
    24. Aem Tru boost boost controller (Ebay) $255
    25. r154 front bearing retainer (toyota oem parts world) $65
    26. Crank position sensor (toyota oem parts world) $105
    27. lo-tek 2 gauge pillar pod (gaugepods) $64
    28. Timing belt tension (autozone). $45
    29. Clutch Release Hub Kit R154. (DM) $25
    30. R154 Factory Toyota Transmission Mount for MK3 Supra (DM) $69
    31. Walbro Fuel Pump For 84-92 Supra (DM) $93
    32. R154 Fork Support with Spring (DM) $47
    33. Clutch fork (member) $40
    34. Oval alt 3 pin connector (DM) $7
    35. Denso Norrow Band o2 sensor screw type (DM) $53
    36. 3 inch exhaust gasket (DM) $7
    37. SS 3 inch exhaust flange (DM) $15
    38. V-band 3 inch exhaust kit (DM) $30
    39. 2jzgte valve cover ventalation hoses (DM) $17
    40. Battery tie down (DM) $18
    41. 12 mod supplies (radio shack) $45
    42. Intercooler Supplies couplers, t clamps, (siliconeintakes.com) $90
    43. Toyota Fuel filter (toyota dealer) $25
    44. Toyota Oil filter (toyota dealer) $20
    45. 2 cam position sensors. (DM). $180
    46. Two clips for the cam sensors. $12
    47. Get the down pipe mated to the exhaust. $100

    I tried selling it once but no takers ( I was kinda happy about that) this is her at home cleaned up.

    I need to get pics of it with the grey interior..... But here are some of the engine that jdmsource sent me. actual pics of the engine they will be shipping.

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