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havent visited supramania in a while but glad i stumbled across your build thread and now this tech thread since im building a car very similar to yours (exclusign gearbox setup) and was also keen to learn more about springrates as i plan to buy some swift spring to help reduce the weight.

dont want to rub it in but ive got two sets of jic control arms (one on track car and the other for street car to fit 18x10.5 +20" rims) can get stupic amounts of camber with them (around 6 degrees)

im runnign aragosta coilovers however yet to track on them. they light as (being aluminium) and expensive as fuck new so fingers crossed they half decent. factory springrates for them are 12.8 and 8.7 (or there abouts but they run a progressive rate spring). downside of these springss is they are very heavy and long so theres prob about 1 kilo per corner to drop by switching to swifts.

also running arc hollow swaybars with adjustable sperical endlinks (also so much lighter then stock/whiteline options).

are you runnign full slicks? ill be runing 280/680s on the rear and somethign around 240 on the front. i expect these tyres would influence springrates slightly?

also, for those in the know, how much does the cars weight influence spring rate descision? im expectign to be well into the 11XX kg zone

wow! those coilovers looks good!

again .. wow!! two Jic magic uper arms!! do you want to sell me one pair?????

do you have a building thread somewhere where look your cars??

12,8 kg spring at the front look´s too soft if you are using the 7MGTE

yes I am runnig full dunlop slicks 265x660 and 285x660 on a 18" OZ rims , maybe 660 is to big for front but Im feelling well with those tyres and the rears are the perfect for me. With those tyres my old spring rates turn to soft specially at the front
but i need to wait to see how my new coilovers (18-10 kg springs) work with those tyres

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here you can see how soft is 12-6 with a tein flex on MY 1300 kg supra
try to stop the video just when i touch the uphill chicanne