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Thread: Ok i bought a holset

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    Default Ok i bought a holset

    Ok i just bought a holset hx-35. I have read the post on it And i am lost i know nothing about waste gates and how they work. So my ? is with all my mods i already have what else will i need for this set up? and how does an external waste gate work? i know this is prob a stupid question but i am just trying to learn.

    my mods

    550 injectors
    Lexus maf
    apexi neo
    aem true boost
    1jv coils
    huge ic with 2.5 ic piping ( 4" inlet and outlet on the ic)
    motor bored 40 over with probe pistons
    clevet bearings (really ndc)
    upgraded oil pump line from grimsta
    upgraded oil pump
    255 walbero pump
    drilled out j-tube (this is temp tell i get a afpr from dm)

    So what else will i need and wiil the hx-35 work for me?

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    Default Re: Ok i bought a holset

    You'll need a t3 or t4 tubular manifold for that engine and a 38mm (minimum) external gate to control the turbo. External gates work off of a remote pressure source (compressor housing or IC pipe) which in turns open up a fairly large valve to dump exhaust to atmosphere. When the exhaust is dumped, the exhaust pressure is reduced to the turbine and thus the turbine slows. A slowing turbine creates less boost pressure.
    Hope this helps. :-)
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