Ladies and Gents......
I am beyond excited to announce the official dates for INDY2K11!

I will (of course) be filling in more information as we go...
But NOW is the time to start requesting off of work and kicking into Supra gear
because it's going to approach fast and we're expecting a great turnout this year!

Friday 5-20 | "Meet & Greet"
Not a required day to arrive, but for anyone driving in from out of town,
Gives you a chance to meet up with everyone, get situated and possibly go out for dinner.

Saturday 5-21 | "BBQ/Dyno Day"

Cozzolino Motorsports is hosting our Dyno Day

Whoever is coming to the cookout on Saturday afternoon (12:00PM) before the Dyno meet...
PLEASE Call or Text Cole @ 317-474-1216
Providing food/drinks/snacks/good times at Cole (IndyMK3)'s house before the dyno.
411 N. Graham Rd
Greenwood, IN 46143

AFTER THAT, We'll get ready to leave for Cozzolino around 3:30 or 4:00PM.
Gathering @ 5:00PM
Spinning Rollers @ 6:00PM

4444 Decatur Blvd # 600
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 821-3306
$65 for 3 pulls with graphs/readings.

Please, if you would, let me know if you plan to dyno.
Because we had an unfortunate turnout last year with rain (but still fun!),
I'm making this an open-invite to other cars to insure we aren't wasting Pete and the staffs time by scheduling a dyno day.

After the Dyno, we will go out for dinner and cruise the southside of Indianapolis (weather dependent).

Sunday 5-22 | "Winged Warrior Shootout & VIP Supra"

Will be filling in details here as far as times...
But we will be meeting up at the same place as previous years to travel to
Lucas Oil Raceway Park (Formerly known as O'Reilly and Indianapolis RP)
This event is huuuuge and brings all forms of racing into one raceway park.
Bring your kids, your dogs, your friends. This is an awesome street car shootout!

As usual, if you've got questions about anything or have any exciting updates, ideas
or comments that pertain to the meet or your cars progress... POST IT HERE!!

I look forward to hearing from everyone!
Mind you, meet attendance is 90% based off word of mouth...
So please, I beg of you, do your part in the Supra community and help me spread the word,
Direct people to this thread, have them call me, WHATEVER! I'm here for everyone.

Jot down my number as well in case you need anything........ (317) 395-8362.

Thanks guys,