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Thread: The Mistress

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    Default The Mistress

    Ok, it's time to let this lady out into public again. The thread title comes from how my jealous wife refers to the Supra, in case you were wondering.

    The story: A friend of mine, Jeremy (or Turbo Drifter here) from the club originally owned this car. He, and a few of his friends, are responsible for most of the work done to get it to this point. Special thanks go out to Randy, Bill, and Tommy. I've seen this car develop over the years, and expressed my congrats on a job well done on several occasions.

    Mid 2009, Jeremy calls me and asks if I want to buy the car. I'm stunned - I can't imagine anyone giving up a car they've put this much blood, sweat, and tears into - especially given that you'll never recoup more than a small fraction of the costs/effort you've put into it. I talk to him for a couple hours, with the objective of convincing him to keep it. By the end of the conversation, its sounding as if he's coming around to my point of view.

    Fast forward several months.

    Beginning of Dec, 2009, Jeremy calls me again and says it has to go. I talk to him for a while about it and this time I can tell he's serious. Within a week I've arranged to get the car transferred to my name, pick it up and since then, I've been driving it daily.

    The car is pushing 578rwhp on pump gas with water / meth injection. I've never done a race gas tune. It's run 11.63 @ 123 mph on the strip with slicks. There was room for improvement on that run, too, but any faster than that and I'll get kicked off because there is no cage - not even a roll bar.


    • 2JZ-GTE
    • CP pistons, +20
    • HKS 264 cams
    • LS1 coils
    • Clevite 77 rod and main bearings
    • ARP rod, main and head studs
    • Crower valve springs and Ti retainers
    • New valve guides
    • Head ported and flowed
    • Greddy cam gears, pulleys, and timing belt
    • Custom RonR designed C&R radiator
    • Twin Spal electric fans
    • Custom coolant overflow tank
    • Custom oil cooler with under car scoop
    • Fluidamper harmonic
    • No antilock brakes
    • No cruise control
    • No A/C... yet.


    • Siemenz 880cc injectors
    • AEM water/meth injection
    • Labonte methanol flow sensor
    • Twin 340 Aeromotive Stealth pumps in tank
    • -8 AN fuel line
    • Custom fuel tank heat shield

    Turbo, etc

    • T67 P trim dual ball bearing .68a/r
    • TIAL 44mm wastegate
    • 3" intercooler
    • 3" stainless IC piping
    • TIAL 50mm bov
    • 4" downpipe, split to 2 x 3" in front of diff, all stainless


    • Clutchmasters Fx850 twin plate clutch
    • Cusco rear differential, Weir Performance 358 gears
    • R154, Cusco gearset, Nashman short shifter
    • Steel one-piece driveshaft
    • A-1 racing & Beech rear control arms
    • AP Racing brakes, 12.75" DBA 2-piece rotors, Goodridge lines, custom wheel spacers.
    • Bilstein shocks sleeved as coilovers
    • ST Swaybars
    • 17" Racing Hart Rev wheels
    • Dulop Direzza ZII 235/45R17 front 265/40R17 rear tires
    • Custom reinforced rear subframe


    • Vipec i88 standalone
    • 100% custom engine harness
    • Powerdex AFX wideband
    • Greddy gauges in center console
    • Optima yellowtop relocated to hatch
    • Moroso composite battery box
    • Headlights refitted with HID projectors
    • Lexus projector foglights
    • New Toyota tail lights
    • LED stoplight in spoiler rebuilt
    • Custom fusebox


    • Bodywork was done by Randy at BIC. Car was stripped, any rust fixed, (there wasn't much to start with), rear wiper and antenna delete, stretched and rolled fenders front and rear
    • All seals replaced, no leaks at all
    • Interior swapped to '92 shadow grey leather
    • New black carpet & headliner
    • New windshield & door glass
    • New glass mouldings for windshield, doors, hatch
    • New rear bumper
    • Turbo A duct
    • Toyota 8P4 blue paint (from any 2000+ toyota)
    • Half clear half amber front turn signals
    • Shine Auto front lip
    • Front grill bars removed and edges remolded
    • Recaro seats, custom seat brackets

    Now, I know what you are all thinking... this thread is worthless without pics. I think I've got that covered.

    Engine build:

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    Pictures of the actual car go here in a few minutes. Relax, have a drink, then come look.

    Ok, here they are:

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    Wow..... I drooled over the exhaust. Custom? Absolutely beautiful! Giving me ideas on where I want to take my body work/color down the road.

    I'm just glad the new GF has no issues with my other woman (the supra of course). lol The last one hated it and still does.

    TheBEAST... Black 1988 7mgte - .040" overbore - 3" DDP to 3" Blitz Nur system - 57 trim w/ Garrett internals - Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel - Stage 4 6-puck ACT Xtreme Clutch/PP - Single Piece Aluminum DS - 560cc EVO 9 injectors - Lex V8 AFM housing - 3.9 LSD - Fully Rebuilt by My Hand and still kicking ass 3 years later!
    MAFT Pro running Speed Density @19psi - estimated 400hp crank, more power can be gained with better tuning

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    ugh...so nice man....

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    wow that blue is nice

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    and i jizzed in my pants...
    1987 Supra Turbo! Original NA car, full 7M-GTE swap + R-154. Constantly under construction, current daily driver. Check the build thread:


    Supra Math:

    Supra= -$
    Running 9's=Sex

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    Default Re: The Mistress


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    Default Re: The Mistress

    Calling the exhaust 'custom' is like calling Angelina Jolie 'kinda cute'. I don't know how many small pie cuts have been put into it all together, but it's hundreds, and each one hand welded by a true artist in the field.

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    Default Re: The Mistress

    Car porn.

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Epic build is on hold whilst I try and finish my degrees... Only 12 more months of hell to go!


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