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Thread: Please do not post here for order status or questions about an order already placed.

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    Exclamation Please do not post here for order status or questions about an order already placed.

    We are growing as a business, which means I can't spend as much time on SM as I used to. That doesn't mean you will not get the same level of service. I answer my phone from 10am until late in the evening, and I respond to emails and pm's several times a day. Posts requesting order status in our vendor section will be deleted. This is not the place to get quick answers, this is where we talk about new products, take requests for new items, ask for advice about something we are working on, or show off the projects we have completed. You are very welcome here and we will do whatever we can to make you happy with our service. Please help us help you by sending an email or making a phone call when you have an urgent question.

    Thanks for your understanding and support!

    Aaron - For tech questions, installation info, or free advice

    Mary - For shipping questions, billing questions, order status

    10AM-6PM PACIFIC TIME only please! That means don't call from the east coast at 9am! If I don't pick up, feel free to call me later, but I do return all my missed calls during the day as time permits, unless you are unlisted or international.

    BTW, we love you Supramania!!!
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