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Thread: Antisurge/Ported Shrouds

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    Default Re: Antisurge/Ported Shrouds

    My 04z surged like a bitch till I tweaked the BoV's.

    Before the tweaks mine sounded like "Powered By 3Stooges" if I was on/off the throttle over 15psi.

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    Default Re: Antisurge/Ported Shrouds

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyMac View Post
    just for the record, I have a t04z with a surge protected housing. I get no surge whatsoever at any throttle condition.

    I havent noticed any difference on spool times really either.
    you sir need a build thread

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    Default Re: Antisurge/Ported Shrouds

    Quote Originally Posted by Supra_Villan View Post
    you sir need a build thread
    I sir have one

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    Default Re: Antisurge/Ported Shrouds

    Would the surge, or stall be incurred when the exhaust push on the exhaust wheel isnt strong enough to continue to spin the shaft against the load on the compressor wheel?

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