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Thread: *Aussie Roll Call*

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    hello, i've also been lurking here for a bit, there's so much info i've not needed to ask anything :P

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    night ryda
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    Default Re: *Aussie Roll Call*

    I'm here. When I first got my car I googled MK3 Supra and Supramania was one of the first results.

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    Default Re: *Aussie Roll Call*

    Bit late but welcome to the forum, you will find this place much more bearable and useful than the Aus forums

    Nice car by the way

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    I Wanna Go Fast
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    Default Re: *Aussie Roll Call*

    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! ...

    Miles behind the 8 ball on this one but I only joined what, a month ago.
    Finally found all the aussies, hope your all still here.

    Found SM searchin for parts. After many dead ends I've ended up here, just scrolled further down my google search results.
    These guys seem to know there stuff which I'm sure I can benefit from, but most importantly, There's a Shed Load of Supra fans out there n all the best ones are here as this is where all the nice Supras are.

    I get my license back next week but the cars still off the road as cant get parts I need, but shes a 89 GT wit the 7M-GTE(GTEU blew...), R154 Man, M.N.P.

    If anyone in Oz can help, I'm still chasing a eng Fan & shroud, BOV(factory) and a header panel. May need dig dash too, same as HKS_TRD's photo above. cant work out whats wrong with mine.
    I wouldnt resort to posting that here but I just not having any luck, even overseas through SM, I can only get the fan.
    I'm being patient but how hard can it be to find parts...Ive been looking since this time last year(dunno how only found SM now???)

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