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Thread: Team Sagana's 4th Annual Kitsap Car Meet

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    Default Team Sagana's 4th Annual Kitsap Car Meet

    Hello fellow Supra owners. My team and I will be hosting our 4th annual Kitsap car meet. I will be there with my supra along with a few other local supra owners. I hope to see a lot more Supras out there this year and hope to meet new people. Any car enthusiasts are welcome and there is going to be raffles, activities and awesome giveaways. Please feel free to stop by and have a good time with us!
    Where: Xtreme Car Audio & Tint in Bremerton, Wa
    Address: 1550 NE Riddell RD Bremerton, WA
    When: AUGUST 26 10am-5pm
    -Ryan Y.(pinoy)

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    Default Re: Team Sagana's 4th Annual Kitsap Car Meet

    I hope i can get the day off and join you.

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