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    Hows it going? I'm Chris from Colorado Springs and I just bought a 90 Supra 7MGTE. I'm pretty new to the Turbo side of the house but I've been reading up on a lot of stuff. Unfortunately I'll only be with the car for the month then have to leave back to Germany since it's my duty station. When I get to Kansas I plan on doing a build but not sure where to really start but have gotten a lot of great ideas with the information posted up on the site. I'll try to get a camera or get mine to work somehow to take some pictures of it and post them as soon as possible.

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    welcome, always nice to have another service member.

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    I'm getting stationed at Fort Riley. I'm in Hohenfels for another 3 months then in August I leave for Riley. I'll either tow the Supra or drive it with me but I hope to get the car finished by next summer barring any catastrophes or major set backs.

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    IMAG0005.jpgIMAG0006.jpgIMAG0007.jpgIMAG0008.jpg Not sure if this worked but here are some pictures of the Supra. Got a hold of it with some rubbing compound to try to get rid of the oxidation. Would love to finish but too hot today.

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