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Thread: which 2jz to get???

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    Default which 2jz to get???

    i was thinking of putting a 2jz in my 90 mk3 turbo in the future but was wondering does it matter what year vehicle i get the motor from
    is it preferable to get from an mk4 or a lexus? any small details would help, do certain years have differences?

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    Default Re: which 2jz to get???

    Well their are a bunch of threads about the jz swapping just look around a little more and you will find a lot of info on this. Good luck

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    Default Re: which 2jz to get???

    I take it you want to put a 2jz-gte in there?

    You can get a 2jz-gte either from a Aristo (Jap GS300) or Supra MK4.

    Supra MK4 has the correct sump configuration to clear your chassis in your MK3, so that is a better choice.

    Other than that years don't make much of a difference, 1997+ are VVTI Motors which are revised and upgraded,
    however more important is condition of motor rather than which one it is, as both are very reliable and powerful.

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